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6 home remedies to relieve stiffness

Shoe laces. Sometimes we carry too many weights or went out to exercise and return home very tired. But the worst arrives the next day, when trying to move this sudden pain there are feared shoelaces! What can we do? We offer you 6 simple remedies.

6 home remedies to relieve stiffness

1- Why do the shoe laces?

In fact, shoelaces arise whenever we make a strain. When we are not very used to make them for example, our muscles deteriorates and appear small micro cracks of muscle fibers, after causing an inflammation of the affected muscle. And Yes, it is this inflammation that causes pain and discomfort, having its greatest impact the next day.
The pain is so that muscle fiber is weak and is unable to sustain the level of exercise, either because we do a job that we are not accustomed and the muscle fiber is not capable of supporting it. The trouble arises primarily in muscle joints and tendons near joints. We are sure that you've experienced it more than once, so for this reason we offer you simple remedies that will help you to relieve the feared stiffness.

1. Something cold, rapid relief:

Never fails, if you notice you very overwhelmed and want to find a fast nothing better relief that apply an ice pack. In this way these broken fibers are relaxed and in a few minutes you will feel better. Thus, you can use a bag of cold water or some ice cubes wrapped in a plastic bag.

2. A bathroom of thyme essential oil of cypress:

Both Cypress oil and thyme are two great anti-inflammatory drugs that Act by lowering the pain of those muscles. To do so would be suitable to that first you did massages with essential oil of Cypress in those areas that most hurt you, then apply warm water distilled with thyme (you can make an infusion with a liter of water, and five tablespoons or five branches of thyme). You'll see how notes relief.

6 home remedies to relieve stiffness

3. Olive Oil and essential oil of lavender:

Once more, we have two very effective natural elements to relieve muscle tension and pain of those broken fibers causing the stiffness. Olive oil is a very traditional remedy to relieve muscle pain, so the best thing we can do is take a cloth of linen and drop a tablespoon of olive oil, to then make a small massage there where it hurts you. And what do we do then? Now you will have to apply essential oil of lavender, gentle massage, very easy. Finally, take a warm bath. Neither very cold nor very hot.

4. Orange Juice with (bromelain) pineapple:

When we feel annoying stiffness we must know that our body has also suffered a small dehydration. So remember whenever you are going to do sports whereas well hydrated at all times.
If you have already arrived home and the next day you already suffer the presence of shoelaces, you know who will have to cover that deficit vitamin that you suffer, and nothing better than a natural juice of vitamin c and Bromelain, ideal to restore our equilibrium. So get an orange and two slices of pineapple juice. Add half a cup of water and drink it in the morning. You will feel better.

5. Remedy with bromelain, potassium and magnesium:

At lunchtime, we will continue with our diet to bring those vitamins that will help us to repair the muscle fibers. So nothing better than cut two slices of pineapple, add a kiwi and four almonds chopped to small pieces. A rich and restorative salad that will help you to feel better on the inside and that, no doubt, will prevent our shoe laces to last more than one day. It is worth trying it.

6 home remedies to relieve stiffness

6. Infusion of cayenne with honey: analgesic natural:

As you may know, the Cayenne acts to accelerating our body helping us, for example, in our slimming diets. But it is also important to know that it is one of the best painkillers that exist, ideal for these cases that we suffer from stiffness. Its secret lies in getting block pain sensation.
Cayenne pepper has that as proper natural element called capsaicin which is used both externally as an intern. What it does is to work on the pain neurotransmitter cells, reducing which will secrete a chemical called substance P that sends pain messages to the nervous system. It blocks it and this relieves us much. And how prepare you? Very easy, warms up a glass of water and dropped a very very small remotely of cayenne pepper, but very little! Then let stand and add a tablespoon of honey. Drink very little by little.
In conclusion, these simple remedies are ideal for those two days in which stiffness is suffering. The ideal is to take care your diet supplementing vitamin deficit and that you apply those baths, essential oils and that once a day, you add it with the cup of cayenne pepper to relieve pain.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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