Monday, October 26, 2015

How to stop snoring with natural remedies?

Snoring is something that many people do sleep. However, it is very annoying for those who are close to the person that snores that noise does not let them sleep. For his part, although their motives are different, snoring can warn us on some kind of a more serious condition. Then that is why you answer to the question of how to stop snoring with natural remedies?

How to stop snoring with natural remedies?

1- Sleep with more pillows:

Since snoring is produced by problems on the tube that allows the passage of air, a very simple and practical recommendation is to sleep some pillows extras in our head and neck. In this way we will achieve open duct air and avoid that we snore.

2- Sleeping on your side:

Another excellent idea to stop snoring, or at least diminish its power, is sleeping on your side. We know that sleep face-up causes the tongue to obstruct the passage of air, causing that we snore. Sleeping side we will avoid that.

3- Mint:

Mint is a very effective natural product to stop snoring, especially when it comes to snoring caused by respiratory problems such as colds or flu. In this case just add a drop of mint in a glass of cold water, and gargle. Thus our throat will cool and will allow the passage of air.

How to stop snoring with natural remedies?

4- Nettle infusion:

Nettle is another very effective natural product to stop snoring. So the best is to prepare an infusion of stinging nettle and let it stand for about ten minutes. Then you must drink, before brewing it.

5- Lose weight:

Obesity or overweight is one of the main factors that make us snoring. Therefore, a good recommendation is to lose weight. This can be achieved in different ways. Of course, all of them require patience and, above all, a great commitment and effort. Despite this, care for our weight is something very important, because in this way we will enjoy better health, that we will stop snoring.

6- Quit smoking:

Like obesity, smoking is one of the main causes of snoring. As we know, this is a habit that is extremely harmful to our body since, among other things, you can cause serious problems such as emphysema pulmor or any type of cancer. It is so to quitting our organism is to benefit in all directions. In addition to having good health, our snoring can be considerably reduced.

How to stop snoring with natural remedies?

7- Do not drink alcoholic drinks shortly before sleeping:

Drinking alcohol also can lead to that we snore. Alcohol relaxes the tongue and other parts of our body, which causes this to obstruct the passage of air. Therefore, the best is not to consume alcoholic beverages before we go to sleep.

8- Relieve heartburn:

Some specialists suggest that we pay attention to our stomach acidity, longer than it may there be the cause that we snore. To fix this, there are different remedies, many of them natural. In addition, we must pay attention to the types of snoring a person do that through them we can detect if it is another condition such as sleep apnea.
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