Thursday, October 29, 2015

Healthy smoothies that care for your vision

The health of our vision requires a certain intake of vitamins and minerals with which to perform its function normally. Occasionally, so common facts and spend many hours in front of the computer, stress, or even certain diets, cause that we are gradually losing not only visual acuity, but also which extent certain diseases associated with the view that we will pass an invoice for the mere fact of not caring our nutrition.
Just for example to worry us to follow a proper diet where they appear essential vitamins that will allow us to regenerate our ocular tissues, simple components that we often find in fruits and vegetables. We do a small review.

1- Vitamins that take care of our vision:

Healthy smoothies that care for your vision

Vitamin A (fat-soluble):

Also called retinol, is basic to our vision as it aims to stimulate our sensitivity to the light in the retina. If we lack this vitamin we will notice for example when it sunset it costs us much set the sight, feel tired eyes and us sting. To avoid this simply take this vitamin-rich foods:
Carrots, spinach, milk, butter, egg yolk...

Vitamin E.:

An essential antioxidant that protects us against free radicals. Our eye tissue regenerates and protects us against inflammations or any visual degeneration. Where do we find it? In nuts, olive oil, avocado...

Vitamin C.:

Present in all our fresh vegetables giving us great benefits and antioxidant effects, as well as folic acid, iron... It is present in oranges, lemons, Grapefruits, strawberries, raspberries...

2- Healthy smoothies to our vision:

Healthy smoothies that care for your vision

Carrot, Apple and spinach smoothie:

Super to take care not only of our vision, but also of our hair, teeth,... ideal skin take it in the morning as breakfast.

Ingredients for one person:

1 carrot.
1 Apple.
3 fresh spinach leaves.
1 tablespoon wheat germ.
1 glass of mineral water.


1. we well wash the carrots and apples, by removing the seeds of this last, we also wash the spinach and it took everything to the blender.
2. once we have obtained the smoothie, add water and stir it well. Finally, we sprinkle with the wheat germ, which is very beneficial for the view, and we drink it immediately.

Beet, carrot and Apple juice:

Here we have again the indispensable carrots and apples, basic to take care of our vision. But this time add the tasty and healthy beet why? Simply because it is incredibly nutritious and essential to take care of our eyes thanks to vitamins A and C above mentioned.


1 beet.
1 carrot.
1 Apple.
1 cup mineral water.


1. wash well the beet, Apple and carrots and cut them into small pieces (no need to peel them), put it in the Blender until we get a good homogeneous and thick mixture.
2. mix the liquid with water. If we want to give a special and refreshing touch is perfect to add a little lemon juice.
3. we will drink it always on an empty stomach, either in the morning or before meals.

Blueberry Smoothie:

Thanks to its antioxidant power, is ideal to take care of our vision, and not only that, its virtues are known to take care of our intestines, our kidneys and harmonize a myriad of metabolic processes that make this small fruit a partner indispensable for our health.


-50 g of blueberries.
-A glass of milk.


The procedure is simple, just buy fresh blueberries in our supermarket or market, and bring them into the Blender along with the milk, see how to mix it acquires a characteristic intense purple tone. We can add a little sugar or cream to sweeten it, make it natural. Its benefits are second to none. It is without doubt a good breakfast that will take daily care of our vision.

Healthy smoothies that care for your vision

Papaya Smoothie:

Papaya has many properties for our health: is antioxidant, digestive, healing, laxative, analgesic, antiseptic, diuretic... attributed medicinal properties reinforcing also vital as eye, ear and respiratory system functions. It is a gift of nature that get multiple benefits.


50 gr of papaya.
2 tablespoons natural yogurt
Half a cup of skim milk.


1. Peel the papaya and remove seeds, then cut it into small pieces and place it in the blender.
2. Add the yogurt and skim milk and it liquefy all well.
3. drink it us immediately for all their properties, leaving personal taste or not added you a bit of sugar. Ideal for breakfast with this papaya smoothie or take it to media later.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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