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Uses of Vaseline for health and aesthetics

It is a mixture that is derived from petroleum refining and is used both for the cosmetics such as the pharmaceutical industry. The composition can vary according to the procedure, but which we all know is the more refined, used for creams, lubricants and various preparations for the cosmetic ingredient.

Uses of Vaseline for health and aesthetics

1- Characteristics of Vaseline:

Many are the benefits of the mineral oil for health and beauty, everyone can know that. However, it is not usually know about the source or origin of this product. The truth is that Vaseline is one of the derivatives of the oil that we use today. It gets "mixed" with steam and filtering it in high temperatures. This means that it is a purified mixture of semisolid oil from fossils.
Although it is a little strange to think be a derivative of the oil to the skin or health, has very good qualities in a protective for the organism, since once is applied the treatment to perform it, it does not damage health.
Because of its thick consistency is very good for taking care of the dermis, especially in the most sensitive areas such as the lips. At the same time, Vaseline is used as a natural ingredient for making ointments. Used both in summer and in winter, and becomes a "barrier" of the Sun or the cold and wind protection.
Therefore, that is considered one of the basic elements of beauty that every woman should have in your home or bag. It has a multitude of uses and the good thing is that it is the Vaseline is cheaper than any cream or beauty product sold in stores.

Uses of Vaseline for health and aesthetics

2- Uses of Vaseline for aesthetics and health:

It is an excellent lip balm: apply some on your lips at any time of the year, to soften them if they are dry or cracked by the cold or to moisturize if they have been exposed to the Sun in summer. In addition, they allow an instant shine.
It is a very good cream for hands and feet: serves to soften and moisturize cracked heels, rough hands, chapped feet. Applies a bit in hands or feet with circular movements, and placed gloves or socks to make more effect. Leave to act for 15 minutes so that it will absorb and penetrate the skin. Rinse, if necessary, with warm water. You will get a soft and smooth skin.
It is an alternative to remove makeup: used to remove up to mascara lash waterproof, as well as helping to calm the irritation produced by makeup in an area as sensitive as they are the eyes.
It can be used as lotion: apply Vaseline on your body after bathing to enjoy a softer and more hydrated skin.
Used to exfoliate: If a little petroleum jelly mixes with two tablespoons sugar or salt can create your own homemade scrub, both for the body and for the face. It is also good to remove dead cells from the lips. Apply with circular massage and let stand a few minutes. Then, use a toothbrush that you no longer use or Exfoliating glove for yet more smooth skin.
To smooth after waxing: regardless of either wax or Shaver, the skin of the legs is very dry, cracked. You can apply a little petroleum jelly (thin) and leave to dry only. The skin will be smooth and hydrated.
Serves as a blushing: mix a little with lipstick and creates your own flush, which will last longer and will be resistant to the passage of the hours and the activities that you perform.
It keeps longer fragrances: before spraying perfume on your wrists, apply a thin layer of Vaseline. So the scent will last all day.
Protects the scalp of dye for hair: apply a little around the hair line (where are the roots of the hair on the forehead, neck, ears, PIN, etc) to be able to not only avoid sleeveless skin but that chemicals in the dye will not produce allergic reactions.
Used as a conditioner: once you wash you hair with your usual shampoo, apply a little petroleum jelly on the scalp, let stand a few minutes and rinse.
Hide split ends: If you apply a little petroleum jelly on the ends of the hair will do that he is not noticeable this so unsightly problem.
Used as sunscreen: the driest places of your body, placed a little before applying the Tanner that you use frequently.
Allied for eyebrows and eyelashes: in the first case, you used to hydrate them and in the second, to make them more long and thick. It applies in both places before going to sleep.
Used to have most beautiful cuticles: apply several times a day in this part "forgotten" hands and nails.
An excellent massage with Vaseline: serves to relax the body and at the same time, to hydrate it. Apply a small amount and make circular movements from feet to head.
Applied on the eyelids before placing the shadow, so that it lasts longer and is more brilliant. If you use it alone, Vaseline is a great illuminator.
If you have been stuck a ring on the fingers, apply a little so it can slide more easily without hurting yourself or straining.
In terms of health, we know that Vaseline is used to heal the wounds and is an ally of the post operative. It is also used to protect the skin where it was a tattoo.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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