Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Different natural juices that can detoxify

The juices of some fruits, vegetables, and in some cases of plants, are very good for detoxifying the body, there is nothing like natural things to give a break to your body. Here we show you some of the most popular juices that you can use for any type of situation.

Different natural juices that can detoxify

1- Tomato juice:

You must blend five or six more or less medium-size ripe tomatoes, then place it in the fridge and before bedtime drink a glass of this juice, it repeats the same whenever you get up. Effects of tomato are very important, some serve as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, relieves stomach and other pain, and it also whets the appetite.

2- Vegetable juice:

Put in a blender two medium-sized tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of minced onion (preferably large), a cucumber, and finally add a tablespoon of olive oil. The effect that produces this juice is that it provides a valuable amount of vitamin C, vitamin B and minerals, which are components that are lost when you are deleting the ethyl alcohol from the body, in addition, can neutralize the hangover.

Different natural juices that can detoxify

3- Juice of carrot, celery and parsley:

You must blend exactly 200 grams of carrot, beet 30 grams, 100 grams of celery and finally 20 grams of parsley. After blending it must stir everything very well, and you must drink it before breakfast and in the mid morning hours. The effect that leaves this juice is a rejuvenating liver completely, since protects it and encourages it more easy and fast delete substances that are harmful to the body.

4- Cabbage juice:

You can liquefy a cabbage of any size with a little boiled water, take this juice before breakfast. Like many of the aforementioned effects, cabbage also serves to disappear the hangover, and helps the liver to more quickly remove substances that are bad for our body.

5- Cucumber juice:

Uses two cucumbers of medium-sized, clean, wash them and dry them, then blending them to then put the juice in the refrigerator. This drink helps to protect the gastric and intestinal mucosa to prevent the consumption of alcohol damage all that part, in addition also serves as detoxifying.

Different natural juices that can detoxify

6- Juice of plums and fennel:

This magnificent mixture serves as a powerful laxative, for those cases of constipation that occur suddenly. Kitchen nine or ten plums in mineral water, leave the syrup to cake well, then a tablespoon of fennel seeds roasted and then process them until they are powdered. Stir very well all the ingredients and then carry them to the Blender when you've already done so, put the mixture in the refrigerator so cool. When the mixture is completely cool, drink it before breakfast.
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