Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tips for a green and healthy home

Do you know that we can achieve with some simple tips that our House is more in harmony with nature and a place which brings us relaxation, serenity and well-being?
In this article you will learn the steps you can take: good ventilation, natural lighting, plants that clean air, colors suitable for walls, a garden on the balcony and some tips to avoid electromagnetic radiation in the home.

Tips for a green and healthy home

1- Good ventilation:

To make our home healthy should ventilate it daily, on the one hand for fresh air, and on the other, because the mites develop more easily in wet and warm as bed sheets, quilts, sofas, curtains, stuffed toys, mattresses or pads, carpets, etc.In addition to opening the windows every morning, also we can install some ceiling fan.

2- Natural lighting:

The lighting is essential in any House, since in addition to allowing us to save electricity when it is natural, it also helps to regulate our nervous system.
If our House has too much natural lighting we will choose LED bulbs or broad spectrum, which are the healthiest for our eyes and our health in general.
We can place a salt lamp from the Himalayas, giving a smooth and relaxing light orange to give warmth to some dark corner of the home also.
Finally, let us not forget the sails, which in addition to being an ecological option also will help us to create romantic opportunities.

Tips for a green and healthy home

3- Plants that purify the air:

A healthy home must have indoor plants, and if we know them to choose, they will help us to purify and renew the air, an especially important issue if we live in the city or far from nature.

We recommend especially the following:
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens (areca nut, Palm tree bamboo)
Sansevieria trifasciata (Sansevieria, Tiger Tail, mother-in-law language, language of Tiger, sword of St. George)
Epipremnum aureum (Pothos, Poto, Potus)
These plants have the amazing property of cleaning the air of toxic substances emitted by paints, furniture, varnishes, etc.

4- The color of the walls:

Did you know that the colors have health properties? But it is important to know what color to wear in each room, since each one has specific effects. Both for walls and for decoration.
White: Neutral Color that conveys purity and luminosity. Yellow: A color very cleansing and balancing. It also has antidepressant effects. Orange: Power, creativity, extroversion and optimism. It is a color very energetic and aphrodisiac. Red: The color more stimulating and energetic, but if we exceed also can increase aggressiveness and irritation. Blue: in contrast to red, blue is a relaxing and refreshing, very suitable color for too warm rooms.
Green: The color of nature is the most balancing, it brings harmony. It helps combat stress and fatigue.
Turquoise: This combination of blue and green brings serenity family.
Violet: It is the most spiritual color, which increases the intuition. It also has relaxing effects, thanks to its content of blue.

5- A garden on the balcony:

More people are becoming increasingly who decide to install a small urban garden on the balcony of their apartment. In the market there are special wooden tables to create your own garden, and although they are small will allow you to grow some vegetables and also to provide a greener image to your home.
There is also a possibility to make a vertical Garden on the wall of the balcony.

Tips for a green and healthy home

6- Rest without WiFi:

To make your home healthy 24 hours of the day, and yet sustainable, we recommend unplugging every night electronic devices and WiFi. In this way we will save and avoid electromagnetic radiation, which progressively worsens our health status, causing us problems as:
Anxiety and stress
Dry skin
Eye problems
Problems of concentration, dizziness, disorientation
Sterility and problems during pregnancy
Autoimmune diseases
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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