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Breakfast to relieve the headache in the morning

Headache. There is nothing more annoying to get up with this pain. It is something quite common especially in the mornings, we feel dizziness, dry mouth... Why does it occur? What can we do? We explain what you then.

Breakfast to relieve the headache in the morning

1- What is my headache in the morning?

Have not eaten the night before: have you done it on occasion? Because it is not suitable, your body just available nutrients, you need power and you're weak.
Apnea morning headache: is a factor to consider. Many people have this problem and do not realize that those little snoring we do sleep, are symptoms of an apnea. And this causes headache.
You have committed excesses of the night before: eat poorly or in high amounts due to parties, drinking alcohol or stay up late, are direct effects that can cause us headache.
Bruxism: you know what is bruxism. Happens when, without realizing it, tighten the teeth or jaw while sleeping. It can appear at any age and generates a noticeable headache, especially in the side areas of the face. As a result, it may cause contractures at cervical level, which in turn, also cause headache.
Incorrect sleeping posture: take care of the mode and the position in which you sleep. Sometimes bad posture makes it difficult for blood circulation.
Some drugs: anxiolytics, for example, cause headache if we take them frequently.
Restless legs syndrome: this sometimes as common problem, also prevents us from sleeping properly, causing headache.
Insomnia: sometimes many of the drugs we use to sleep brings us headache in the morning, best relies on natural remedies.
Anxiety or depression: is a clear determinant of the morning headache.
High blood pressure: you must control it, because it is also a direct cause of the headache.

2- 3 breakfasts suited for morning headache:

Breakfast to relieve the headache in the morning

Option 1:

A glass of warm water with lemon
30 minutes after a coffee or an infusion of ginger with Mint.
A toast of oatmeal with olive oil.
A small bowl with pineapple and cucumber into small pieces (if you want you can get a juice with these foods, rather than a salad).
We will begin, as you know, with that indispensable glass of warm water with lemon. In this way we treat toxins and clean the body. Later, leverages for a swim, spend half an hour or even an hour before breakfast itself. We have included the coffee because, in general, it is very effective to solve the headache.
But we must say that not to everyone you sit well, and can even cause the opposite effect. So you must be you who values if the coffee is appropriate in your case, although as we say it is usually be appropriate to offer us that vital energy in the morning, and remember, it is also a great protector of the liver. If you do not want that Cup of tea, resorts to the infallible ginger, which as you know is a natural anti-inflammatory that also acts as a pain reducer. It is perfect.
We will then continue with a toast with olive oil. Ideal for those so beneficial fatty acids. Finally, the combination of pineapple and cucumber is great to hydrate ourselves, to get vitamins and minerals. One of the keys to reduce the headache is to be well hydrated, hence the mornings we should include lots of fluids at breakfast.

Option 2:

An infusion or a strawberry juice.
40 minutes later a coffee or a manzanilla
A salad and spinach with pineapple
A cucumber with half Apple juice
Here we have the example of a nutritious breakfast with which we will achieve that energy that we need to solve the headache. We will start again with a purifying drink. Take 5 strawberries and get a Smoothie with a glass of water. Do not include sugar. It passes an hour or 40 minutes and continues with a cup of coffee. As always, if they feel no good replace it with an infusion of Chamomile.
We will then prepare a cut of pineapple with a handful of fresh spinach. Pure energy. Later, we will get our needed hydration with a small cucumber juice and half a block. Make this Smoothie and you'll see how well you are.

Breakfast to relieve the headache in the morning

Option 3:

A glass of almond drink.
A sandwich of bread of oatmeal with egg to slats with a few drops of olive oil. If you wish, you can also be a tortilla with small pieces of ham and celery chunks.
A bowl of watermelon chunks, walnuts and a few grapes.
Another nutritious breakfast. We will begin with almond beverage. You should know that almonds are a great pain reliever for solving the headache, are also rich in magnesium. Eggs are also suitable, since the coenzina Q10 is great for these cases. Hydration will get it thanks to the grapes and watermelons, are rich and very healthy. You'll love this option.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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