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How to take care of the mixed skin

Beauty and health experts indicate that mixed skin is the most difficult care characteristics: "T-zone" (Chin, nose and forehead) fat and shiny; cheeks and dry eyes. Specific care that get moisturize and at the same time do not grease is necessary. Knows some tricks and home remedies for how to care for combination skin.

How to take care of the mixed skin

1- Tips to care for combination skin:

Cleansing the face on a daily basis is essential for all skin types. However, in the case of mixed skin needed other "insights". It is necessary that you clean and become pure twice a day, i.e. in the morning and in the evening. Use mild soap that is less aggressive than those who have perfume. In the T-zone apply it in a circular motion to remove excess fat and light in other parts of the face shape.
Avoid removing the SOAP with hot water because it will produce more sebum and dry out the skin, as well as jeopardize the natural barrier and accelerating the aging process. It is best to use cold, lukewarm or warm water.
Moisturizing the skin is essential regardless of the type. In this case, the creams should not contain oils. Either choose soothing, astringent or antiseptic formulas. It extends further in the area of the cheeks and a little nothing more forehead, Chin and nose. Mixed skins tend to develop sagging with the passage of time. To avoid this, choose creams that contain vitamin C to keep it smooth and firm.
We recommend also a peeling and nourishing mask once a week. Some interesting are those of clay, blue algae, or menthol, although you can also opt for homemade recipes, such as which mixes oats, lemon and tomato.
Always use cosmetics suitable for this type of skin. To avoid that the face is shiny, choose base matte and oil-free. A good choice is the translucent powder to place especially in the T-zone. Clean very well the brushes and other makeup tools, to avoid collecting grease or dirt on them. And don't forget to remove makeup you daily with a product that is not too strong or alcohol. At the end, it applies a specific tonic for mixed skin so pores are closed. This will cause the pimples and blackheads disappear or do not form.
You do not touch the face constantly, since this bad habit translates into a "passage" from grease, bacteria and germs. If you're used to doing that, keep you occupied and generates the custom avoid it.
Before makeup, put moisturizer, like bedtime. You can use the same product for whole face or two and applied in each area separately. Determines which is the most convenient method or that better results you provide.

How to take care of the mixed skin

2- Home remedies for mixed skin:

If you don't want to use purchased creams or you are looking for natural recipes for mixed skin, then, do not hesitate to try any of those listed below:
Place a tablespoon of plain yogurt in a bowl. A little heat a tablespoon of honey and poured into the bowl. Add 12 drops of lemon juice and mix well. It is applied with fingers or a brush, avoiding to take contact with the eyes. Leave to act for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Wash and cut an avocado or palta. Extract the pulp and place in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of honey. Mix and apply on the face (small amount), leaving about 15 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water (room temperature). Repeat two times a week.
Mix a tablespoon of plain yogurt and a ground oatmeal. Apply to face and let stand for half an hour. Remove with plenty of water or an infusion of Chamomile warm or cold. You can make this mask once a week.
Cut a slice of papaya and extracted its flesh, with which you will have to rub directly on the face. Wait 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.
Wash and cut up an Apple into pieces. He placed next to half a cup of water in a blender. Mix well and apply on the face. It is a wonderful toner for combination skin.
Mix three tablespoons of milk of almonds with 2 tablespoons of clay and achieves a homogeneous paste. It is applied on the face and leave about 15 minutes. Remove with cool water. It is an excellent humectant that simultaneously removes excess fat and skin impurities.
Mix a handful of petals of roses crushed, a spoonful of yogurt, a tablespoon of rose water and a tablespoon of honey. When forms a homogeneous paste applied to the face with circular movements, leaves 15 minutes acting and rinse with fresh water. Moisturizes and at the same time gently exfoliates.
Grinds a good ripe tomato and some lettuce in a bowl. Add three tablespoons of water and mix to form a paste. It is applied on the clean face and leave 15 minutes to act. Rinse off with warm water.
Separate the yolk of an egg white and whisk the first adding several tablespoons of olive oil. Then add a dash of lemon juice stirring. It is applied on the clean face and leave to act for 20 minutes, wash it with warm water and abundant.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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