Thursday, October 22, 2015

6 Ways to reaffirm your buttocks

We all know the importance that have buttocks with respect to the female image in a woman, not only making us see better, more stylish, but aesthetically it makes us look any clothing and makes us much more attractive. Also by health, having a firm and well toned buttocks helps to prevent many injuries in the lumbar area of your body.
It is not a myth that absolutely all women crave to have some striking and well toned buttocks, but the time and "detestable" work of gravity make those buttocks will lose its firmness; Fortunately there is a solution that is unrelated to the surgery that will succeed, it's a healthy life and practice different quantity of exercises. Would you like to know some tricks to maintain a healthy and beautiful buttocks? Then we will give them to know.

1- Series of exercises to maintain firmness in your buttocks:

6 Ways to reaffirm your buttocks

Regular squats:

The squats on the squatting position are some of the most complete exercises that may exist with respect to our lower limbs, apart from working our buttocks, it also helps to work other muscles surrounding the area such as hamstrings, gastrocnemius (calf) and the outside area of the thigh muscles. To practice this exercise, please stand carrying your own weight to the heels with the buttocks backward, then down the hip and flexing the knees at right angles taking care located behind the toes.

Power jump:

It is called an exercise of force. In standing position, with our chest forward and the legs apart to the width of the shoulders, should support our weight on the heels to then take the same position named in the squats (squat), from this position should compel us, jump and fall into the same position.

Jumping rope:

It is recommended to make jumps with a rope in one or two intervals of one minute approximately, resting every thirty seconds, then turns to jump from two to five more intervals; Despite theoretically sound simple, jump rope requires a great physical effort and hence will give us some good fruit.

6 Ways to reaffirm your buttocks

Climbing stairs:

Climbing stairs is considered exercise home par excellence, since every day we can raise a considerable number of them; However it is recommended to perform a routine when it comes to climbing stairs, we can upload a a step by time and gradually increase the steps is also recommended upload relying on the metatarsus (toes) and try not much Flex the knees. More fast go up the stairs, more firm can get to have our buttocks; Another thing to keep in mind is that this exercise also serves to improve the fitness and burn a fat more.


We obviously don't have the need of having to go to a gym, we can locate on the first step and start to perform jumps, thus supporting the "tip of the feet" at the edge of the step, the idea is to do so asymmetrically, first one foot and then the other. This exercise has the same function of climbing stairs but is handled at a less stressful pace.

2- Alien to the exercises:

Apart from conducting a series of exercises to our buttocks, also we must take into account our diet care, beware of fats and, of course, do not ingest more of what we must daily; Why then we recommend a number of foods to eat to take a proper diet that will help us to have some firm buttocks and beautiful.

6 Ways to reaffirm your buttocks

3- Recommended foods to have beautiful buttocks:

Nonfat dairy. How they are milk, cheese and yogurt.
Egg. To avoid the increase of cholesterol are recommended only a single egg yolk or whites.
Lean meat. As the chicken without the skin, fish, veal, Turkey Breast and tuna.
Vegetables. As lentils, chickpeas, beans and soy.
Carbohydrates. As pasta whole wheat, wheat bread, oatmeal
Nuts and some seeds. Walnuts, peanuts and almonds, are high in healthy fats and help you increase buttocks.
In addition we must also take good amounts of water to keep our hydrated buttocks. Maybe you these exercises?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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