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5 white foods that are poison to your health

Did you know that you are typically eating 5 types of white foods that are very harmful to your health? Table salt, white sugar, cow's milk, refined flour and margarine.
In this article you will learn because they are so harmful, as well as some healthy alternatives to improve your quality of life.

5 white foods that are poison to your health

1- Table salt:

Usually we refer to the salt in general but, nevertheless, it is very important that we can differentiate, just as we have white sugar and brown sugar, also we have a refined salt and a comprehensive salt. The refined salt is commonly known as table salt and is simply processed without any nutrient more sodium chloride, and also usually contain additives such as anti-caking agents.
Not only it is not a healthy food, but that in the long run, its regular consumption can damage our health. On the other hand, the integral salt contains all the vitamins and minerals, since it has not been refined. The most well known and inexpensive is sea salt, but there are many others (salt from the Himalayas, Celtic salt, etc.)

2- White sugar:

White sugar does not add any nutrients, and many nutritionists today regard a poison. It contains the so-called empty calories, which also contribute to overweight, are a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes and can damage your teeth. In addition, white sugar acidifies our blood and we demineralised, stealing minerals such as calcium and leaving our teeth and weaker bones.
To not stop eating sweet we can replace it with sugar Moreno, honey, the brown sugar, molasses of cereals or natural fruit syrups.

5 white foods that are poison to your health

3- Cow's milk:

There are many nutritionists who advise against consumption beyond the first months of life, since our bodies lose the enzyme lactose, which allows us to properly digest lactose. There are others who say that our body is only prepared to absorb breast milk, and not that of other animals. According to this theory, much of the population would be lactose intolerant without knowing it, since consumption continued milk for years would cause that body did not show evident signs of this intolerance.
Despite being a very complete food, it lacks fiber, iron, and vitamin C.
It is linked to diseases such as gastric acidity, inflammatory diseases, anaemia, cardiovascular disease and overweight.
There are studies that milk increases the risk of prostate, ovarian and Lymphoma cancer.
The more natural alternative are vegetable drinks, made from oats, rice, spelt, almond, etc. There are also lactose-free milk and milk from other animals, which are more digestible and less damaging.

4- Refined flour:

Every time we have more refined foods, but we need to know that all those cereals that removed the fiber also has lost a lot of nutritional value.
Refined flours, unlike the integrals, worsen the constipation, increase fluid retention, contribute to overweight, and we also more predispose to cancer of the colon, which needs regular consumption of fiber to be healthy.
Also included in this section not only cereals and their flours, but all those derivatives which are so common in our daily menu: pasta, bread, pastries, masses, biscuits, etc.

5 white foods that are poison to your health

5- Margarine:

While the butter is a natural food, coming from cows and consumed throughout history, margarine is an artificial creation of the decades of dubious quality vegetable oils that have passed several processes to obtain a solid texture, for bleaching oils, in order to give a more yellow color, flavoring to preserve it, etc. In addition, any vitamin that may lead has been added artificially.
Margarine is so caloric or more than butter contains trans fats, which are very harmful to our body, and it has been shown that they raise the risk of heart disease. Although margarine should not contain cholesterol because of plant origin, the truth is that these trans fats also cause an increase in bad cholesterol.
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