Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tasty and calorie-free: tomato jam recipe

Have you ever tried the tomato jam? It has a texture of exquisite taste, is not too sweet, and allows you to be able to mix with all kinds of dishes, it is versatile, delicious and most importantly: it's one of the most beneficial for our health jams.
It has plenty of vitamins, especially all those in the complex B, is very rich in carotenes, hence its attraction and distinctive reddish tone. But, if this wasn't enough, tomato jam just calories, it is a wonderful source of antioxidants and has antibacterial, anti-cancer properties and hypoglycemic, data that have been endorsed nutritionists, evidence showing us, it is an incredible ally to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Tasty and calorie-free: tomato jam recipe

1- Benefits of tomato:

Reduces cholesterol: thanks to one of its most important elements: lycopene, tomato stands as a fabulous way of eliminating toxins and cholesterol-lowering. There are many studies that endorse it, in fact, people who usually take tomato, whether through salads, juices or jam, reduced to 50% the probability of suffering a cardiovascular accident. Lycopene is intended to "protect our arteries".
It has no calories or FAT: 95% of the tomato is water, brings nutrients and gives us a feeling of fullness, without weight gain. They are also an inexhaustible source of vitamins B, A and C, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, phosphorus, iron, and manganese.
Improves sight and helps to oral diseases: consume tomato avoids appearing annoying sores in the mouth, in addition, takes care of our view.
Ally against cancer: studies of Harvard University tell us that if we eat tomatoes regularly, we can prevent cancers associated with the digestive system, as well as breast cancer.

2- The tomato jam recipe:

Tasty and calorie-free: tomato jam recipe


A kilo of tomatoes.
400 grams of sugar
The juice of a lemon
A sprig of cinnamon


We will begin scalding tomatoes, so fill a pot with water to bring it to the fire. When it begins to boil we introduce the kilo of tomatoes and leave them for a short time, less than a minute. Once we see that they are poached, remove them with cold water. It is now easier to peel them. Remember to remove the seeds whenever possible.
We are now taking tomatoes pulp, we can go by placing it in a bowl or a bowl. Once removed all pulp, it is poured over the sugar and lemon juice and let this mixture stand for an hour. Thus the acidity of the tomato will go and the flavors mix better.
It is the time to bring this mixture to a pan to cook the ingredients over low heat. Remember to introduce into this mix the cinnamon stick, will give you a taste very delicious and special. Ve stirring slowly, always simmering, this mode will be pulling out its juice and Jam will be fine. This cooking will last for at least one hour, you can go testing it from time to time to check that it is to your liking, but don't forget mostly go stirring from time to time or we run the risk of burning out below and is by default that bitter taste.
When you have a more or less thin and light texture already you can put out the fire. Now let the mixture to rest at least half an hour more, let it cool that so is the jam over curdling, little by little you will see how when it cools, it becomes a little thicker. It is simply delicious.
Now if you want you can go by placing it in glass jars to preserve it. One way that last you longer is to vacuum pack them, and you know that one way to achieve this is for example enter the tomato jam in glass jars and then put these jars in a pot with boiling water. Once make the characteristic sound "pop", will be already closed so tight and will last you longer.
A great way to combine the tomato Marmalade is for example with a toasted integral with a twist of brie cheese, the combination is simply ideal.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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