Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fruit that protect and strengthen your pancreas

How do you take care of your pancreas? As you may know, this gland is essential to carry out our digestion and produce insulin. A diet healthy and balanced is essential, where fruits will be also helpful. Discover them!

Fruit that protect and strengthen your pancreas

1- The importance of the pancreas for our digestion:

This gland located behind the stomach, allows us to synthesize certain pancreatic fluids that help us Digest our food more easily. Thanks to him we stock and we absorb better nutrients, not to mention clear is, that thanks to him we produce also our insulin. How take care then you your pancreas?
Don't worry, it is normal that not even you know of its existence provided you take correct habits of life, and a fairly balanced diet so that your body runs its normal functions. But what happens when our digestions are heavy, when we notice swollen, when we have a sharp pain in this area? It means that something goes well, and as you may know, pancreas-related diseases tend to be complex and worrying, hence the need to care for us, to keep correct habits. Here are a few basic guidelines:

It avoids the consumption of red meats, sausages, salad, ready meals...
Avoid or at least restricts the consumption of animal fats from the milk. On the other hand, the fish are healthy.
Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
Leave aside the refined flour and refined sugars (not of the fruits), since with them we limit the correct function of the pancreas. These greatly hamper the pancreatic functions.
Avoid eating too much during a same time, i.e. "give us a very copious dinner", for example. It is always better to eat sparingly throughout various times in the day. Not skip any food, no breakfast especially.
Try not to abuse drugs, such as painkillers or analgesics... etc. The liver, kidneys or pancreas not rendered them well since they are chemicals.
Get some exercise, enjoy your life and properly manage stress and anxiety.

2- Fruits that take care of your pancreas:

Fruit that protect and strengthen your pancreas

1. Apples baked with cinnamon:

A recommendation to take care of your pancreas is to consume fruits, boiled or baked. It is a way of reducing sugars present in the fruit so therefore they are better digested by this body. Thus, if you tend to suffer from digestion problems related to the pancreas ideally once a day you style an Apple baked with cinnamon. This fruit is a great treasure of vitamins, which, combined with cinnamon gives us great digestive, anti-inflammatory and regenerative virtues. Do not hesitate, it is a dessert delicious and very healthy.

2. Pears boiled with cinnamon:

Would you ever tried them this way? They are delicious, and as we say, to boiling sugar index is also reduced and is much better tolerated in our pancreas. PEAR and Apple stands as a medicinal fruit that regulates our functions, which protects our digestion and cardiovascular health. And if you add as we say that cinnamon remotely, we further explore their properties.

3. Pineapple and papaya:

What if we prepare a tasty salad of these fruits in our lunch? The fact that both pineapple and papaya to raise as large benefactors of our liver health is that they are very rich in antioxidants, and they, are that can most help the health of our pancreas. They strengthen it, cure it, detoxify it and debug it. They are excellent. Cares that Yes for sure they are not too mature or have too much sugar. And they are always natural, not to use e.g. juices of the stores, they will lose their original vitamins and it is what we need for our pancreas.

Fruit that protect and strengthen your pancreas

4. Figs:

Did you know that figs have some wonderful enzymes for the health of our pancreas? So. It is worth eating about five figs a day. One way to benefit from them above all is also consume them in its dry form, they continue to maintain excellent properties, and you eat them for example in the morning you will get an excellent remedy for constipation, they are rich, and combined for example with a nuts, they stand as a treatment rich in omega-3, antioxidants and rich minerals. You'll love them.
In conclusion, fruit that for example have too much sugar it is best to cook them in the oven or boiling them. But at the same time, it is essential that we give to the pancreas vitamin C and antioxidants, hence that is indispensable papaya and pineapple which are surely more digestive fruits that exist. Figs, on the other hand, are suitable for its protective enzymes. Ideally, according to nutritionists is to see how feel us, how we react. But don't hesitate, the fruits are essential daily for your health. Do not forget to eat properly, get rid of the high-fat meal and get some exercise. Enjoy your health.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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