Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why out us beads and how to prevent them?

Grains are not only a matter that concerns us aesthetically. They are also the way which has our body eliminate toxins, toxic substances that the body naturally eliminates through the pores of the skin.
In this article you will learn why leave us the grains and how we can make our body is purified by other means, to treat this problem naturally and from its main cause.

Why out us beads and how to prevent them?

1- The purification of the body:

Our body, in fact, always seeks balance naturally. If we learn to understand the signs and symptoms that also show us we can prevent many health problems.
Every day our body accumulates toxins through different ways:
Harmful food (additives, refined foods fried, trans fats, white sugar, etc.)
Poor digestion of food
Pollution (smoke, pollution, toxic substances)
Alcoholic beverages
Cosmetic products with toxic substances
And how our body works wisely, it also has organs to eliminate these toxins:
Kidneys and bladder

2- How do you debug skin?

The skin, through the pores, removes toxins through sweat or by fat deposits that may be grains, boils, acne, pimples, etc. In all these cases, we must understand that it is preferable to have the ability to remove those substances that are not left within ourselves, since in the long run they can create cysts or tumors.
But we can always find a way to eliminate these toxins in other ways. The two main are as follows:
Avoiding the entry of toxins
Promoting other means of debugging

Why out us beads and how to prevent them?

3- How to avoid the entry of toxins:

Always choose natural foods, if possible, that they are not prosecuted (food prepared, packaged, etc.) or which have been cooked at home
Opt for organic food whenever possible
Wash fruits and vegetables well and peel them always non-ecological
Evitr all kinds of additives
Do not combine many foods in the same food
Treat any digestive problems (heartburn, re-flux, gas, etc.)
Eat slowly chewing food well
Avoid tobacco and alcohol
Avoid toxic substances to our around (paints, varnishes, gases, etc.)
Putting sewage treatment plant of the air in our home
Always use cosmetics homemade or natural, free from petroleum products or containing heavy metals

4- Do foods cause more beads?

There are some foods that increase the appearance of grains, and therefore we should avoid them completely in our food:

High-fat dairy products, such as cream, cheeses, milk and ice cream
Red meat
Sausages and luncheon meats, especially those of higher fat content
Milk chocolate (on the other hand, can consume cocoa or dark chocolate)
Trans fats or hydrogenated, like margarine that contains
Fried foods

5- How to debug our body?

To avoid the appearance of grains in our skin we can enhance general cleansing of the body in other ways:
Regular intestinal health, preventing constipation or controlling recurrent diarrhea
Take care and invigorate our liver with infusions of bitter plants (milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke, boldo)
Enhance the diuretic function of our kidneys with infusions of burdock and ponytail
Perform detoxifying therapies such as oil rinses, cure regularly Tibetan of the garlic or cleansing diets

Why out us beads and how to prevent them?

6- How to care for our skin:

It is also essential that we learn to care for our skin so that it will eliminate toxins through the pores unless they reach appear grains.
Once a week we will have a peeling adapted to our skin type, using natural products such as sugar, salt or baking
Once every ten or fifteen days we apply a clay mask, that absorbs toxic substances directly and also gives our skin minerals
We will apply moisturizers as natural as possible, even using vegetable oils, and always avoiding the artificial creams, especially those containing paraffin
To control excess oil from our skin we will use rice paper and apply aloe Vera gel
Avoid touching beads when they appear. Just apply a drop of essential oil of tea tree and wait until it is dry, because if not could become infected.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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