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Natural treatments for hands soft and young

Hands are a part of our body that we tend not to care too much, and just suffer much physical work, aggressive products of cleaning, etc.
In this article you will learn how can care the skin of your hands easily and naturally, so they are always soft and always look young, as well as some natural remedies for rough, dry, cold, sweaty hands or with wounds.

Natural treatments for hands soft and young

1- Exfoliation with sugar:

The first step to avoid rough hands is that you mentioned in other articles, as that works similarly to other areas of the body. We exfoliate the skin of the hands to remove the dead cells that accumulate on the outer layer of the skin and give a feeling of roughness. To do this we will use a very simple remedy: sugar. We will need only 1 tablespoon, and we well massage the hands with sugar, always gently, as if we were washing them ourselves. We can perform this exfoliation once a week.
We will later clarify well with warm water and move on to the next step: hydration.

2- Moisturizing with oil:

Today we can buy specific moisturizing creams for hands, but if you want to opt for something more natural we use vegetable oils. Choose it depending on the type of skin we have:
For very dry hands: almond oil or sesame oil
For normal hands or with fat trend: oil of coconut or jojoba oil
We will apply these oils every day, once in the morning and once before going to bed.

3- Calendula and aloe Vera for scratches:

There are people who continuously suffer from scratches or wounds in his hands by his work or occupation. For these people we recommend creams based on calendula and aloe Vera, since the two help to heal all kinds of scratches on the skin. Aloe Vera can also apply directly if we have the floor at home, opening up a stalk and directly applying the gel coming from inside.

Natural treatments for hands soft and young

4- Argan for very dry hands:

For hands that are very dry and rough also recommend applying argan oil, usually as a mask for the hands, to nourish them in depth and keep them young. Its texture is very fat, so we can leave it applied for half an hour and then clean the remains of oil which has not absorbed the skin with a towel or tissue.

5- Remedy for cold hands:

There are also people who suffer from cold hands, and are often them put whitish or bluish. In addition, cold hands are showing a circulation problem, so in the long run that will also worsen their appearance. For this purpose we recommend an internal treatment, in parallel to the application of the oils mentioned above, to which we can add a few drops of oil of ginger, which gives much heat.
Internally we take daily infusions of Rosemary and ginkgo biloba. The first helps us to activate circulation in general, and the second helps to oxygenate and improve peripheral circulation, i.e., the movement of the extremities. We take infusions daily for three months and will rest for one or two months, to then repeat the treatment if we consider it necessary.

6- Treat sweaty hands:

The hands that sweat excessively are a problem of nervous origin, and treatment should go through a specialist in homeopathy or Bach flower. In addition, we can also use the spores of lycopod or vegetable sulfur to absorb excess sweat. We can carry a box always up to apply springs when you need it.

Natural treatments for hands soft and young

7- Final tips:

Finally, for a better care of our hands we recommend to follow the following guidelines whenever possible:
Always wear gloves when we are going to develop cleanup tasks, using aggressive for the skin, especially when it comes to washing dishes.
Choose neutral pH soaps, since most include substances which are damaging the protective layers of our skin in the long run. Preferably choose soaps Glycerin or coconut, which are quite natural, or well the herbalists, made with vegetable oils.
Let us not forget nor protect our hands from the climate extremes, such as excessive sun, cold and wind. Good gloves and nutritious creams are the best remedy.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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