Monday, November 2, 2015

Ways to strengthen bones

When you're young, are very few worries that are against the diseases and future conditions. Happens as in the case of osteoporosis, which has become a big rival of the man and, therefore, it is necessary to treat it early. To do this, there are easy and varied ways of keeping your bones healthy, today we want them sharing practical methods to strengthen your bone structure. Enjoy them!
Over the years it has considered milk and its derivatives as a main source of calcium, but what about those people who are lactose intolerant? Today we present a new proposal to contribute to the continuous calcification of bones, avoiding a risk of fracture.

Ways to strengthen bones

1- What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is due to the reduction of bone mass that causes brittleness in bones, women are the most likely to suffer from osteoporosis especially after menopause.
It is important, to avoid the weakening of the bones, the consumption constant of foods that contain vitamin B12, essential to the preservation of the bone mass in adults is recommended the consumption of one thousandth part of 1 gram daily. It should enrich your diet with fish, meat, eggs and dairy.
Calcium is essential to prevent osteoporosis and fractures, this nutrient can be found mainly in dairy products and their derivatives; on the other hand, vitamin D is also indispensable for calcium intake and good distribution of the bones and blood, this vitamin can be found in the liver oil cod, Bluefish, butter, liver, and egg yolk.
It must also include in your diet food that can provide the exact match amounts, since this mineral is essential in the formation of bones and teeth, this mineral can be consumed of the following foods:
dairy products, fish, nuts, whole grains and legumes. Magnesium has also become a primary nutrient at the time of the care of bones and can be found in seafood, eggs and cereals.
Fluorine is an element that allows that the hardness and stability of the mineral matrix of bone structure and its main sources are: black tea, water, fish and seafood. Silicon is also part of this great list of components necessary for the strengthening of the bones, it can be extracted from the mineral water, coffee, Brewer's yeast and foods rich in fiber like whole grains.

Ways to strengthen bones

2- Combat the weakening and reduction of the mass of bones:

Avoid Mal positions of the trunk, preferably stay with upright trunk and avoid strong Rotary movements with the same.
Reduce the use of shoes with very high heels, since it must allow the body a flexible and stable position to prevent wear.
Sit when you should avoid very soft cushions and chairs, you must maintain a straight posture and rest your feet in the ground, this will favor the bones of the back and legs.
It is also necessary to frequent physical activity, since exercise is a direct stimulus for the formation and strengthening of bones, and one of the main risks of osteoporosis is in the sedentary lifestyle. Recommended for an active life, one of the major exercises that can help to avoid softening and weakening of the bones is to walk, daily walks extend and help to the development and strengthening of bone structure.
We can see that a good diet is essential to preserve the condition and strength of our bones, but not just with a good diet, this must be complemented with good posture, frequent physical activity and intake of dairy products and their derivatives mainly during pregnancy and growth, this will allow that you dairy provide calcium sufficient for the proper formation of muscle mass.
Please note that the health of your bones ensures a long life without risk of fractures, problems that can come with age. It is essential since the youth is think on the well-being of the body over time, since the medical conditions and physical disorders come with age and body is harder to absorb nutrients at advanced ages.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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