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Frequent urge to urinate (urinary syndrome) is why? exciting

I am sure that has ever happened to you. Days in which you must go to the bathroom. Just urinate and return to get to. Is it why? And more important still do we should worry? We explain what you then.

Frequent urge to urinate (urinary syndrome) is why? exciting

1- Urination: what is?

Micturition syndrome is a very common reality among the population, and especially among women. Usually having urge to urinate is due first and foremost to those days when we drink more fluid than normal. It is a good thing, because thus we better filter kidneys and clean toxins from our body. Now, there are times that without having eaten more liquid than usual, need to continually go to the bathroom.
If that happens to you is for example you must get up several times during the night, then you suffer is nocturia. This case is most common among men, especially when you reach a certain age and they start to have prostate problems. But in the case of women, micturition syndrome goes in periods, and may be due to the following dimensions, then we will reflect you.

1. Drink too many exciting beverages:

Maybe you surprised. But there are very likely people to take not only too much coffee, but also excessive drinks as cola brands or energy drinks. It is not convenient or healthy. We must remember that the amount of daily urine depends on first and foremost of the body fluid and electrolyte balance. If we consume too many exciting drinks occurs an alteration and long term our kidneys just suffering this imbalance. It is not worth, remember always do not overdo with this type of liquids.

2. Diabetes:

Don't panic, it is one of the causes, but we can discard it immediately with a simple test. Diabetes has several symptoms and among them it is also going to urinate frequently, tend to dehydrate us and suffer very significant decreases in potassium. But quiet, the diabetes is associated with also other characteristics such as weight, drowsiness, tiredness, fainting down... Having the urge to urinate is basically due to not having insulin or can't use it properly. We sometimes have too much sugar in blood and it goes into the urine. All this makes us more thirsty, and that at the same time, we pee more.

3. Some medications:

Sometimes, when we follow any medical treatment we feel more concern in our bladder and more eager to urinate. Medications such as the Lorazepam tends to have these effects. Read the side effects of the medication that follows and see if this happens to you when you follow this treatment.

4. Disorders due to stress:

Anxiety and stress are very common in certain periods of our lives States, made that alter our biological functioning. We suffered stomach problems, intestinal problems, nerves, dizziness and diarrhea... and without a doubt, also having a nervous bladder is also very common in these pictures so characteristic of anxiety. Something very important which doctors warn is that if you see that this is what is happening to you, remember to always carry a bottle of water with you. Whenever you go to the toilet and urinate, drink a little water, so avoid dehydrating us.

5. Infections:

Infections are without a doubt the most frequent cause of continuous sometimes urination. Infection urinary ducts, urethra, own bladder, renal tissue, or even of the vulva or vagina, can we suffer this discomfort. Sometimes it happens by hormonal problems, by bacteria or by being low defenses. It is common and certainly the most common cause. We always put it on our medical evidence to us of adequate treatment, because it will be who tell us what type of organism is that has caused the infection and what will be the appropriate medication to solve it. Us, we give you some simple tips below to follow at home.

Frequent urge to urinate (urinary syndrome) is why? exciting

2- Simple remedies for urinary syndrome:

We must never forget that urination is the symptom of a disease or an alteration of our health. First thing is thus knows what is due to address the root problem. Is the stress, is an infection? The ideal is that the treatment that the doctors give us we strengthen it with these simple guidelines:
1. Change your diet: avoid irritating foods as you vinegar, seasoned, Chile, red meat, coffee, chocolate, cow's milk and derivatives, flour and refined sugars. Increase your consumption of vegetables.
2. Start your morning with an infusion of ponytail with a few drops of lemon.
3. Take a clove of garlic with a glass of warm water at night. It is a wonderful antibiotic.
4. Infusion of ginger, is a good anti-inflammatory that will be of great help.
5. Drink plenty of water to not dehydrate you.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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