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Naturally treat a muscle tear

Has it happened you ever? Muscle tears are results of overexertion, small tears of muscle fibers after impact or a strong pull. It is somewhat common and worth knowing what strategies can follow at home to recover as soon as possible or to alleviate pain. We take note?

Naturally treat a muscle tear

1- Why are the muscle tears produced?

Sometimes we want to catch something, a bag, a suitcase... we loaded it with force and instantly feel a very strong on the shoulder or even on the back burning. Or are also very frequent after a coup, a small traffic accident or even doing sports. It is something everyday. We should also remember that the muscle tear can be:
Mild: when we suffer what is called "extended muscle", where there is a slight discomfort which, only 5% of the muscle has torn. You have pain when you move you, but you can recover perfectly by resting at home.
Medium: Here there is much pain. (E) it is usual to emerge immediately, a lump under the skin. The muscle has not broken at all, but an injury we have to treat.
Severe injury: the muscle has been broken, and that can see you immediately, emerges a purple sign that there is internal and blood that muscle has split in two. Keep in mind that we consider a serious tear when you feel a sudden Crackle and when below, notes that you can not move.

2- Remedies for a muscle tear:

Naturally treat a muscle tear

1. Cold Compress:

At the time that notes that you've suffered a muscle tear notes if your skin becomes red or purple. If this is the case is serious, as you have said the break total of muscle causes a stroke. If notes a bundle will be moderate or mild. So the best thing is to stop you and, if you can not move, ask for help and go to a doctor. And basic to immediately apply to a cold compress to lower inflammation. It relieves and reduces the incidence.

2. Rest and a bandage suitable:

It is essential, but be careful, not pushing you. Then you must be aware that will need rest, so take it easy because you'll need time to make the muscle tear is resolved. Keep the affected Member on high so that the blood pressure does not collect in the damaged area. Have patience above all!

3. To calm the pain:

The most normal thing is to resort to painkillers such as ibuprofen. But as you may know, taken in high quantities they can be very negative for our health, so, if you want to use natural remedies to keep in mind the following plants:
Willow: is ideal thanks to its contents in salicin, the active ingredient of aspirin. We can take two degrees of the decoction of willow bark about two times a day. A remotely dissolved in a glass of water, where you can add a bit of honey.
Ponytail: as you may know the ponytail has silica, Grand to repair muscles and bones, and very suitable for treating trauma. It helps us to recover. You can find ponytail in natural stores, and it would be very good for you take two cups a day, at breakfast and in the afternoon.
Ginger: acts as anti-inflammatory and reducer of pain. You will be very well take two cups a day you know that it is one of the most beneficial and very suitable for any muscle tear medicinal roots.

Naturally treat a muscle tear

4. Cataplasms for the muscular tear:

As you know the base is primarily in to rest, at least two days rest without moving that muscle can be repaired. While we will have to combat pain and inflammation of the affected limb, so we can use the classic poultices or fillings, there where natural herbs can serve us very helpful. Takes note of some that you can help:

10 drops of evening primrose oil
10 drops of Rosemary extract or infusion.
10 drops of an infusion of Chamomile.
10 drops of an infusion of fennel.
10 drops of lemon extract.
This mixture acts as relaxing and inflammation reducer. The mix all and make a massage in the area of the muscle tear, a good 15 minute massage where at the end, we will cover it with a cloth of white thread doing a small bandage allowing this remedy to act. Notes now another remedy:
10 drops of eucalyptus oil.
1. drops of Thyme oil.
Gorgeous also. These plants are soothing and anti-inflammatory, ideal for treating such injuries. As before, we don't have rather than make a good massage and then cover the area with a cloth as a bandage. Keep it at least for 3 hours. In conclusion, I note that this recovery requires time and patience. You will have to maintain sleep, then start a proper rehabilitation that will allow us to recover the mobility of the muscle. Follow the medical advice and apply any of these simple and inexpensive tips to find you better.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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