Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Get a smooth skin naturally

So important it is make our skin look beautiful as that is soft to the touch, and to do this we must nurture it inside and take care of it on the outside.
In this article you will learn harmful and beneficial foods, and some natural care that will help achieve smoother skin for your whole body.

Get a smooth skin naturally

1- Foods that become rough skin:

Poor diet affects our health directly and is put in evidence in our skin, showing off look and a rough texture and with impurities. It can happen because harmful food damage our bodies, and toxins that contain pass into our bloodstream. As our body is intelligent it tries to expel them naturally through the pores of the skin. Although this is a symptom that the body reacts well, if we avoid these foods also get a clean, smooth skin:

Harmful fats: meats, red meat, fried foods, sweets, trans fats.
Sugars and sweets
Refined flour
Packaged foods and fast food
Additives containing prepared food: preservatives, coloring, flavorings, etc.
In some cases, some people suffer some degree of intolerance to gluten and lactose, which makes the skin get up them with a harsh and gritty look. This can confirm it by performing medical tests either by eliminating these foods from our diet.

2- Foods that nourish the skin:

On the other hand, there are very healthy foods that nourish the skin and help to have a silky and moisturized texture. They are as follows:

Juices of fruits and vegetables
Dried fruits
Vegetable oils of olive, Sesame and flax
Blue fish
Brewer's yeast<br>Whole grains like rice or oats
Let us not forget also the water, a food that hydrates our skin. Those who do not usually drink it regularly will notice a big improvement as they manage to drink at least one litre and a half of water a day, separate meals.

Get a smooth skin naturally

3- Remove dead cells:

Our skin smoothing we remove periodically, dead cells by a natural exfoliation. The result is immediate. If we have normal skin or fat can do once a week, and if we have it dry will do it every two weeks, to prevent it from drying out.
It is not necessary to buy an Exfoliating cream, since we can do it at home using some natural ingredient according to the texture of peeling that you want:

Sodium bicarbonate
Salt fine
Coarse salt
Coffee grounds
The inside of the shell of an avocado
When we are in the shower we will take to make us a soft massage all over the body with one of these foods. The shower leaving us dry and drink plenty of fluids well skin.

4- An oatmeal bath:

Oatmeal is an excellent ingredient to soften our skin, so we recommend to do this special bath. We will need ground oats and a gauze or sachet of porous fabric that we fill with oats.
We will have to take a bath with very hot water (we can do it after the peel) and will use this sachet with oats inside as if it were a sponge. As between water hot oats will be shedding, and we feed our skin in depth.

5- Daily hydration:

It is essential that we hydrate our skin every day, and if we have it too dry will do it in the morning and before going to bed.
To soften our skin we recommend any natural product based on any of these ingredients:

Aloe vera
Almonds or sesame oil

Get a smooth skin naturally

6- Prepare your homemade Smoothing cream:

We can prepare our own moisturizing by mixing some of these ingredients that we have quoted:

50% of almond oil
40% of aloe vera gel, to be possible natural
A dash of fresh lemon juice
10 drops of lavender essential oil
3 capsules of vitamin E (sold in pharmacies) that will act as a preservative.
Well combine the ingredients, beating some with the help of a small spatula, and save them in a closed pot. To ensure that it remains better we will keep it in the fridge and will spend it in a month.
It is best to prepare small amounts, since it is very easy to prepare and that way we will ensure that you do not cross.
If you have dry skin we will be adding more percentage of oil and less gel, and if we have the fat will do it backwards.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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