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Benefits of dying you with henna

Henna is a completely natural product, similar to clay, allowing to dye our hair while strengthens it and brings multiple benefits, avoiding also the harmful effects of conventional dyes.
In this article you will learn all the secrets of henna, as well as how to use it and where to get it.

Benefits of dying you with henna

1- What is henna?

Henna is the Arabic name of a shrub, known as Lawsonia inermis, which is made with a famous and ancient natural dye mainly reddish.
Henna which is marketed as dye comes from the part of the leaves, which are dried and pulverized. This powder is that apply on the hair to dye it, although it is also used always as a dye to tattoo the skin naturally.

2- Benefits for our hair:

Henna is a product of completely vegetable, without any added substance and offers the following benefits for the health of our hair:

Not it bleaches the hair, so it does not spoil it
It gives a very natural color hair
It brings thickness and strength to the hair, so it is especially recommended to people who have fine or brittle hair
After its implementation, the hair looks brighter
The duration of the dye lasts approximately three months, and it fades gradually, so we will not notice abrupt changes in our hair
It covers gray hair
Henna gives a reddish color, but is marketed at present combined with other plants to offer other color varieties. There is also a neutral henna, i.e. colourless, for use as a hair mask
It can be used with the frequency that you want.

Benefits of dying you with henna

3- Dangers of conventional dyes:

If we use the henna, in addition to benefiting from everything that brings you to our hair, also avoid the harmful effects of conventional dyes, which contain peroxide and ammonia, two chemicals that damage the hair, causing the following symptoms with prolonged use:

Irritation of the scalp
Imbalance of tallow, generating an oily or dry hair
Hair loss
Too thin and looking brittle and damaged hair
Split ends

4- How is it used?

Always follow the instructions that indicate the product.
In general terms, we follow the following steps:

Mix the henna powder with lemon juice until obtaining a homogeneous paste and spreadable. Lemon juice will help the henna color is set better.
We will leave this mixture in a bowl, covered with plastic, at least eight hours rest. We can leave it prepared before going to bed and use it the next morning.
Well we wash our hair, conditioner, unused and dry it with a towel.
We will divide the hair into sections and we will be applying the henna paste from the roots throughout the hair, covering it well.
Once covered, will engage the head with a cap of plastic and, above, with a towel, which will maintain the correct temperature.
We leave to act for at least one hour, or according to the product instructions.
We wash the hair as we usually do.
As we said at the beginning, the henna is also a tint to the skin, so during use will be essential to wear gloves to avoid further stains difficult to remove.
Also avoid is stain the skin of the forehead getting a little petroleum jelly just on the edge, before applying the henna.
Finally, we will monitor all clothing or towels that come into contact with henna, since he colorized maintained them easily.

Benefits of dying you with henna

5- Where do you buy?

The henna we find in health food stores, natural food stores and some Arab shops. Also you can get on the internet.
We should choose a henna quality, ensuring that it does not contain chemical ingredients, but only of vegetal origin, since nowadays many products that contain henna among its ingredients but are not natural are marketed. We must look well if we want pure henna powder either a dye containing henna, since they are very different products. In this article we referred to the pure henna powder.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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