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Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

Many people suffer from fluid retention, especially in the legs, arms, belly or face, a problem that also worsens the health of joints. To combat it we can do natural treatments based on natural remedies, diuretics, i.e. to help us remove this excess fluid.
But as no treatment is really effective if not we accompany a good diet, in this article we provide some recipes for soups and creams that naturally help improve this annoying condition.

Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

1- What do we do with salt?

One of the more worsening fluid retention is salt, especially if it is refined salt or salt table. Consume small amounts of pure salt (sea salt, grey salt, salt of the Himalayas) is healthy, but in this case we recommend a much more natural, equally tasty and also medicinal alternative: seawater.
Every time we find more stores of natural products and even supermarkets that sell it for its medicinal and culinary use, since water marina has a high content of minerals beneficial to our health. And in our case, does the kidney to expel water twice. It is diuretic, but rather balancing, that does not entail risk of dehydration, provided we take it properly.
For this reason it will be excellent seasoning for our soups and creams, but we always use it not overdo it, because you also have laxative effects.
We can also use some spices to flavor dishes.

2- Cream of lettuce and fennel:

Did you know that the lettuce can also be eaten cooked? And so also is more digestive? Lettuce has great diuretic properties, but also helps to regulate the nervous system, so this is a cream ideal for dinner, since it helps us to relax before going to sleep.
Fennel, with its special flavor, will give a fresh touch, will boost the digestive effects of this cream more and help us remove extra fluids.
We will use dark lettuces, always avoiding the variety iceberg, which contains fewer nutrients.

Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

3- Cream of asparagus:

Wild asparagus are a delicacy. Tend to cook on the grill, to grilled or in scrambled eggs, but there are also who prepares them in the form of cream.
You can also use white asparagus, but the asparagus are tastier.
We will use raw asparagus, which we wash and clean up well.
The sauté some garlic and a couple of Bay leaves, and then add the broth and a little cream or vegetable cream.
If after crushing it all fibers remain we recommend the cream through a fine sieve or food mill.

4- Celery and artichoke soup:

Celery is one of the more diuretic vegetables that we have, and thanks to its delicate flavor, although we propose it for this recipe it is true that we can include it on any soup or cream. To have it always at hand we can even chop it and store it in the freezer.
We can also eat it raw in salads and even dry its leaves, crush them, and mix with salt Marine to have always list a herb salt.
Artichoke has so many beneficial and cleansing properties that should consume it whenever we can. Besides being diuretic also improves our liver function and is a very satiating food, so it is ideal for weight control diets.
To make this cream we'll remove toughest leaves from artichoke to leave only the heart of the fruit. We can remove celery, to prevent fibres before whipping the cream also.

Soups and creams diuretic for water retention

5- Cream of onion and eggplant:

The Onion is a powerful diuretic which helps us to clean our kidneys and prevent annoying urine infections. In addition, thanks to its taste we can also use it in all kinds of soups and creams.
In this case it will allow us to enhance the flavor of the eggplant, which is also a diuretic, antioxidant and helps reduce cholesterol.
Prior to cooking, we wash and cut Eggplant Scarlet prawns, and put it on soak with water and salt sea for an hour. Then we drain it well.
We will fry the onion, add the Eggplant and cook after the preparation.
We can add a little vegetable oats or rice milk.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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