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How to prevent and treat dandruff

Dandruff is an annoying skin condition in which the scalp loses its hydration, causing the dermal tissue falls off dry chunks; with the passing of the hours, dry skin accumulates the constant itching sensation is normal. Dandruff is fairly common, and therefore can be treated with different products on the market. To get it you can make treatments that will give you positive results.
Dandruff can affect a person's good image, making it appear little hygienic, for this reason it is very important to have tricks up his sleeve in order to placate this condition that can lead to uncomfortable experiences and situations.
All persons are vulnerable to the emergence of dandruff and are constantly exposed to multiple factors that can cause it, such as the Sun, inadequate food and lack of hydration; These are natural causes, however there are products such as shampoo, some gels for hair, lacquers and dyes, which contain chemicals that mistreat and damage the scalp, leading to the appearance of dandruff.
Often ignore the correct care that we have with our scalp health, tend not to pay much attention to a part of the body that requires care as any other area and even more, as the passage of time and the application of chemicals impair the health of the skin. Having a balanced diet is positively involved in the process of recovery of the tissue capillary, as well as help to cure dandruff, good eating habits can prevent it.

How to prevent and treat dandruff

1- Recommendations for a correct diet:

You should preferably avoid products with high sugar content. These benefit to the gradual emergence of dandruff, consumption of products, such as refined sugar is recommended regular because it is unhealthy.
Consumption of certain substances, such as coffee, alcohol and tea should be consumed with moderation, as excess of these also contributes to the condition.
It is important to highlight that the consumption of foods with high percentages of fats should be monitored strictly, it benefits not only the appearance of coronary and vascular diseases, but that he also make dander present in the capillary tissue.
There are also preparations that can be performed with natural ingredients. The procedure is to perform a rinse with a substance-based lavender, this also contains Apple and onion, vinegar because they prevent dandruff. The preparation should be applied for about 15 minutes and completely removed. Rinse repair and return the good health of the dermal cells.
Almond oil must not be neglected, applying a moderate amount benefits hair repair. This oil is a natural way to treat dandruff.
We must make sure to ingest foods high in fatty acids such as omega 3, as well as zinc, vitamins B and E. The appearance of dandruff is directly related to the emergence of a mushroom or fungus that thrives in media where high fatty content concentrate or sugars.

How to prevent and treat dandruff

2- Be careful:

The concerns tend to alter the organism largely; excessive stress reduces the efficiency of the immune system, by which our natural defence against diseases is completely vulnerable, this creates the ideal conditions for the emergence of diseases that can affect us greatly and others at a lesser magnitude being annoying as dandruff.
Without any doubt as mentioned previously, the hair products are one of the factors that most influence the proliferation of dandruff, because they are part of our daily lives and many times our good presentation depends on these substances intended to improve the appearance. Some sprays and gels contain chemicals that affect some people, in this case you can not generalize, since bodies are different can be seen multiple reactions.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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