Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Delicious Orange and chocolate cheesecake

Do you like the cheesecake? They are delicious, easy to make and great for your breakfast or snacks for children. Combined with chocolate and orange they rise like a dessert that you can not resist. We offer you the recipe.

1- The Orange and chocolate cheesecake recipe:

This recipe is very simple, classic cake that is made with a base of crackers and cream cheese Philadelphia, an easy resource that saves us in any event, any snack or special meeting. It obviously has a high content in fat and sugar, hence we should consume it in moderation. Recommend that you use tablets of chocolate, much more cocoa has more healthy will be. Do you dare to do it? Now enjoy it!

2- What do I need?

Delicious Orange and chocolate cheesecake

1. for the base:

250 g of biscuits chopped, if they are Vanilla-scented better.
150 g butter, melted.

2. for the filling:

500 g cream cheese, Philadelphia.
2 tablets of 100 g. dark chocolate with bits of orange or Orange-Scented. There are many brands that offer this option.
100 g. of sugar
100 ml of orange juice.
4 eggs

Delicious Orange and chocolate cheesecake

3- How do I do it?

This cheesecake is done very quickly. The first thing we will do is preheat the oven to 120 ° C to get it ready. Then choose a suitable mold that has a good background. The important thing is that we a good space to place the biscuit base.
And how we prepare the biscuit base? Crushing them and mixing them with melted butter. They should be well homogenous, to then put them at the base of the mold with a spoon, pressing well to make it compact. Then leave it in the fridge to take consistency. Very easy.
We went to the filling. The next thing we'll do is use a bowl to put the Philadelphia cheese. Meanwhile, we will separate, heating orange juice until it reaches a boil, adding cortadito chocolate into small pieces. Little by little it will be melting until a unified mass of irresistible smell. Chocolate and orange make a delicious mixture.
Once melted, put it already in the bowl with the Philadelphia cheese. Mix it and add the eggs one by one with his fingertip and its clear. Do you have it already well unified, have a uniform mass? Excellent!
The next thing we will do is put this attractive mass over the biscuit base. Baking this cheesecake, what we do is introduce mold inside a tray full of water where soak this mold. It must bake Bain-Marie. A trick that many people do to avoid the biscuit base is soften is putting aluminum foil on it, protecting it, but by separating it at the same time of the mass. After baking the cake we would gradually withdraw the aluminum. But if you see it complicated, you can leave that both the base and the mass together bake.
And how much time must be in the oven? Between 35 to 40 minutes, until it is set. Now, you have no more than leave it to cool and... ready! This cheesecake is delicious and will be a surprise for the family. We test it?
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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