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Is it good or bad to eat egg?

There are voices in favor and others against it in relation to the ingestion of eggs, either per day or per week. Some suggest that this food has many positive properties for the Agency and others, on the contrary, say that it is not beneficial to our health. Is it good or bad to eat egg? You know the answer in this article.

Is it good or bad to eat egg?

1- Nutritional characteristics of eggs:

The egg is a food, nutrient-packed and quite affordable, it is present in a lot of recipes. However, many people say it is not good for health, since it raises the levels of cholesterol and fats in the body, that can cause cardiovascular disease.
The egg provides not only protein, but also (both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fats, vitamins, and cholesterol. It is good to keep in mind that should keep balanced cholesterol levels. It is not bad, but quite the opposite.
It is easy to perform an analysis of the short-term effects that eating eggs often. There are studies showing that all are positive. But there are also others who claim that otherwise. There are no tangible evidence confirming the theory that eating eggs is bad for the health.
Other factors are also involved and no "blame it" only to eggs. Other agents that may alter the health are stress, tobacco, physical inactivity, alcohol, fats or the refined. And it also has everything to do the way in which we consume the egg. It is not the same every day to eat a fried one hard or semi raw egg. Physicians indicate that the weekly intake of eggs should not exceed four or five, depending on the age of the patient and their backgrounds or habits.

2- Myths and truths about the egg:

Is it good or bad to eat egg?

Eating eggs increases cholesterol levels in blood: false:

As mentioned before, eggs by themselves do not have the ability to increase cholesterol, something that occur with the fats of animal origin, as that of meat or sausages.

Avoid eating raw eggs true:

The risk of poisoning by bacteria (salmonella) reduces and even eliminates entirely to cook the egg. To do this, cooking must be more than 60° C.

It is necessary to wash them before storing them in the fridge false:

The eggshell is a protective film which contains inside. Therefore, to wash them, we facilitate the presence and proliferation of microorganisms in the rough texture. However, it is recommended to clean them at the time of cooking, only with water.

Is it good or bad to eat egg?

The eggs are better than whites: false:

It has nothing to see the tone of the shell with the nutritional properties that contribute. The color varies depending on the breed of the hen, why there are white and Brown. We can consume either no differences.

Children and pregnant women must not eat egg: false:

On the contrary, because the egg has a large supply of vitamins and proteins that do very well for the growth of the fetus and young child, especially in what refers to the nervous system and the Elimination of food allergies, which are manifested during the first years of life. The only caution that we must bear in mind is that newborn babies can not eat it up to 8 months.

Elders should not eat egg: false:

It is another group where it is recommended to consume three eggs weekly to enhance or prevent the loss of muscle mass. In turn, this food contains a lot of antioxidants, which help to delay the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease or arteriosclerosis.

The egg has many calories: false:

 An egg contributes only 80 calories and 6 grams of protein if eaten cooked (not fried). In addition, it has nutrients such as zinc and iron. Its essential amino acids are of excellent quality.

The hens are manipulated to make more eggs: true:

It is necessary to make an exception because this does not happen in 100% of cases. In industries that are engaged in the massive sale of eggs are conducted certain practices that are not at all healthy. One of them, for example, is the manipulation of light for hen accelerate your ovulation. In this way, they can produce more eggs.
To avoid this, purchase eggs in small farms or in family businesses, where you can be more confident that the production does not damage nor to the chicken, or egg quality.

Is it good or bad to eat egg?

Bud vs. clear: what is the best:

Many people are wondering if it is better to consume only the yolk or only the whites. Or both. Well, if we rely on the food or nutrition, the answer is the yolk. There are the majority of nutrients. Remember that the yolk is the egg of the egg, where chicken is formed if it is fertilized and brooded, therefore, needs to have many vitamins and proteins.
But then, what happens to the egg? We have not said that only the yolk is good, but offers more nutrients. By which you can consume it to acquire many amino acids, that will help you, for example, to develop muscles, if that is your goal and you train. They don't have much fat, by what is advised in people who want to lose weight, and as not contribute cholesterol, there is no problem in eating egg white if your triglycerides are through the roof.
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