Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fruit ideal for debugging our blood

Keep our bodies clean, free of toxins and harmful elements is essential for good health. A good quality of life. Sometimes, as common as uric acid or cholesterol realities act as silent enemies and will gradually intoxicating our blood.
How to avoid it? Takes note of these ideal fruits which, no doubt, will help us greatly in our day to day.

1-Fruits that clean and cleanse our body and our blood:

Fruit ideal for debugging our blood

1. The grapes:

The grapes are a natural treasure of antioxidants. One of the most important polyphenol, which protects our tissues and blood provides more defenses against cellular damage and oxidation.
We must also remember that the grapes have flavonoids, excellent to prevent the formation of blood clots for example.
They favor further health of veins and arteries, since they raise the level of nitric oxide in blood, and this leads to a vasodilatory effect. For this reason, remember consuming both the skin and seeds of grapes, so take care of our heart and better purify our blood.
What are the best grapes for our diet? The red ones, since they have more antioxidants (polyphenols) and help us to prevent the heart problems.

2. Oranges and lemons:

Do you have oranges and lemons at home? Excellent. You know that they should never miss, because they are a natural resource of every day that greatly enhances our health. They care for our immune system, we purged, they provide us with fiber, antioxidants... know it. But how do they care for our blood?
The lemon is acidic. We noticed that easily. For this reason it has the virtue of, after being metabolized in the body, become an alkaline agent. This feature allows us to balance our body pH levels and avoid the State of acidity. Thus, the blood is much more refined and avoid, for example, the classic inflammations.
Both oranges and lemons are good for lowering blood pressure and oxidative stress. Being rich in vitamin C makes that we can better purify the blood and reduce the risk of heart problems by 7%.
Nor have overlooked an interesting fact: the lemons help to regenerate our liver because they promote the formation of new enzymes. This means that we will be able to eliminate toxins from the blood more easily.

Fruit ideal for debugging our blood

3. The red plums:

Red Plums are one of the fruits richer in antioxidants that can be found. Moreover, according to the "American Diabetes Association" and the "American Dietetic Association", are excellent to prevent this disease.
Doctors and nutritionists say that Red Plums are healthy fruits to take care of our heart health.
They have a glycemic index well suited, with rich vitamins and minerals that take care of that cholesterol is not raised.
It reduces the risk of us to suffer from blood clots and that we padezcamos of arteriosclerosis.

4. Apples:

We love apples, and such, and as you have said on numerous occasions, there is nothing better than eating a Green Apple in our breakfast. But, why are they good for our blood?
Because they have pectin, a fiber that allows us to reduce cholesterol in addition, thanks to its flavonoids, purifies our blood and decreases the risk of suffering a heart attack by 50%. But eye have to eat them every day!

5. The pina:

Rich in vitamin C, Bromelain, antioxidants and minerals... but did you know that if we take pineapple regularly we get more elastic veins? What blood flows better?
A remedy great for debugging more effectively our blood is to combine pineapple juice with juice of nopal (prickly pear cactus). It is excellent. It is a nourishing and cleansing liquid that is worth taking two days per week. You will see good results you provide.

6. The pomegranate juice:

It reduces the cholesterol.
Consume Pomegranate juice regularly allows us to reduce the uric acid.
It prevents the formation of blood clots.
Prevents the hardening of the arteries.
Taking grenades regularly has the same effect as aspirin, i.e., blood flows more liquid, refined and we avoid that platelets gather together to form clots mentioned above.

Fruit ideal for debugging our blood

2-General aspects of the fruits that we must bear in mind:

Remember that the fruit must be of the best possible quality, organic, pesticide-free treated.
Wash them very well before eating.
Never mix them with sugar. Better with honey.
Many of them should be consumed with skin, since that's where they have their best properties, as in the case of grapes and apples.
If you're going to take a natural juice, avoid strain it. The pulp is very good, so he drinks juice with tranquility and chewing if you do little by little, missing. Thus we better treat the organism and have more fiber. It is more appropriate.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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