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12 Consequences of not sleeping well

Scientific studies more and give more evidence that not sleeping well can affect our daily lives and our health. There are multiple consequences, both physical and psychological, when we fail to have a good night's sleep.
According to experts, a person should sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day to maintain optimum physical, emotional and mental state. However, changes in the lifestyle of today have done that I will spoil much the quality of sleep and the ideal time to rest.
So you know all the effects that you can suffer when you don't sleep well, then we give you a list with 12 consequences which has not sleep well.

12 Consequences of not sleeping well

1- Want to eat in excess, and anxiety:

Lack of sleep is related to the desire to eat excessively, especially in the evening when metabolism slows. As a result, we increase the consumption of calories and carbohydrates, which will make us gain weight more easily.
When we sleep not enough we also have more tendency to want to eat food more quickly, even if we don't actually feel hunger.

2- Higher risk of having an accident:

According to an investigation carried out by the National Fund of the dream of United States, people who fail to sleep at least 6 hours a day, triple the risk of having an accident with your car by driving with sleep, due to effects on the eye coordination. And if you don't have some kind of vehicle to have an accident, anyway it will suffer the effects still more awkward.

3- Weakening of the immune system:

When we don't have a good night's sleep and prevented our body to rest properly, our immune system it is weakened, and as a result, we have more prone to colds, colds and respiratory infections.

4- Uncontrolled emotions:

When we don't sleep well the emotional parts of the brain are most active, 60%, causing us to more uncontrolled and inappropriate reactions. A study conducted by the University of California and Harvard Medical School in 2007 might as well try.

5- Less physical attractiveness:

There is no doubt that a good night's sleep is key to look better physically and keep us in shape. As evidenced by several investigations, when we don't sleep well, we have a more decayed appearance, which is especially reflected in our face. Over time this can worsen and lead to premature aging.

12 Consequences of not sleeping well

6- Weakening of the brain tissue:

Spend only one night without sleep can times the weakening and loss of brain tissue. This is calculated by the blood levels of two brain molecules, which tend to increase due to brain damage.

7- Poor memory and concentration problems:

The fact not rest enough and have a dream little repair affects our ability to concentrate and makes us more forgetful. At the same time, this problem may affect our capacity for learning and retention of concepts.

8- It increases the risk of a brain hemorrhage:

In the long run, not sleeping well and have poor sleep habits can increase the risk of having a stroke, especially in adults and the elderly.

9- Risk of obesity:

In addition, our anxiety about food increases during those hours in which we can not get to sleep. Numerous studies claim that not sleeping well affects metabolism and hormones as ghrelin and leptin, which regulates appetite, change their levels considerably.

10- Increased risk of cancer:

Although it seems to have nothing to do, investigations have determined that people who do not sleep well have greater risk of colorectal polyps, which can be evil with the passage of time. In addition, other studies have linked it with the development of breast cancer.

12 Consequences of not sleeping well

11- Heart disease:

A study published by Harvard Health Publications says that lack of good sleep is associated with increased hypertension, obstruction in arteries and cardiac problems.

12- Less life expectancy:

Sleep well is synonymous with quality of life and more years. This was revealed in an investigation of the journal Sleep, which for a long time was devoted to studying the bedtime of 1 741 men and women habits. It was determined that those who slept less had a higher risk of dying at an early age compared with those who slept well.
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