Thursday, May 21, 2015

5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

As they say, look, is the mirror of the soul. Not only the beauty, but also our health and our State of mind is reflected in our eyes. How to care them? How to get always look a look young and bright? We give you five simple tips that will be of great help.

5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

1- Simple keys to achieve a sexy look:

What is what tends to prevent our eyes shine with health and beauty? Mainly tiredness, those dark circles which inflamed our face with fluid retention, that shadow that always seems to appear in the morning. The passage of time also blurs a bit the balance of our skin with these minor wrinkles... and what about those days when eyes are reddened and us escuecen? or those tabs that sometimes we fall and do not appear as deep as we would like?
Indeed, these and many other reasons make that sometimes we can not look a look as attractive as we would wish. But don't worry, we give you some remedies easy to follow that they will be of great help. We take note? Excellent!

1. Potato for puffy eyes:

We are sure that you have also experienced one of those days when we got up, and look at us in the mirror we discovered an annoying swelling which gives us an ill, dull and unhealthy air. The eyelids are swollen, also swollen bags below. To get this swelling there is no choice but easier to catch a small potato, peel it, wash it and split it into two halves. We apply after each half in the eyes for 15 minutes. They are magnificent to reduce fluid retention and swelling. Then you don't have to rinse with warm water.

5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

2. Sexy and thick eyelashes:

Do you have a special event? Would you like to show off a sexy look where framed spectacular eyelashes? Then don't miss this simple tip. You will need 50 grams of Vaseline and 25 of castor oil. Mix both ingredients in a little boat, and each night, will apply ourselves in our tabs a week. You'll see shortly, the growth of your eyelashes and her health has improved dramatically. If you do it every day you'll see the results.

3. Mint for the dark circles:

These dark spots which sadden our gaze. We went out to the street and people ask us if we are ill or are sick. How can we avoid it? Do we use always layers and layers of makeup to cover dark circles? At all. This remedy is very easy, you will not need more than five mint leaves. We put in Bowl and crush them well until you get a kind of filling. Then, put the bowl in the refrigerator 15 minutes before it is really cool.
Once passed this time, apply it under the eyes, dark circles for 15 minutes, this mode, re-enable the blood circulation and reduce that so typical dark color. It is a simple and effective remedy that is worthwhile to follow in those days in which we see the typical dark circles on the face.

4. Remedy for the red eye:

Red eye is a common reality in our day to day. Either due to an allergy, or excessive hours in front of the computer, or to have them too dry, is something that no doubt, as well as painful muddies the attractiveness of our gaze. To relieve it we must first use a damp cloth and fresh that we apply on our eyelids. In this way we clear a little our eyes and get rest.
The second step will be to prepare a cup of green tea. Put in boiling a cup of water and add two green tea bags. Green tea is a great antioxidant and rich in vitamin C, excellent for reactivating the circulation, which is well suited to relieve that blood in the eyes, that inflammation. Once you have come to a boil, put content in the refrigerator to cool, to then apply each sachet in the eyelids. Keep your eyes closed half an hour and have a rest.

5 tips to look an attractive and healthy look

5. Remedy for the crows feet:

Crow's feet, small fine lines that look small by the passage of time. Give us a small air of fatigue that sometimes, we try to hide with makeup. But a simple way to reduce them is moisturizing that around our eyes so that it recovers its original elasticity. It is a remedy that we follow every day and with which we will obtain nutrients and essential vitamins to soften those fine lines.
What do you need? Easy, single aloe vera and cucumber. Every night prepares a teaspoon of aloe vera and cucumber two slats. Drill it well until you get a homogeneous mixture. We have to apply it around the eyes for 15 minutes. Past this time us well rinsed with lukewarm water. You will see that you look good in the mirror.
Do not hesitate to follow these simple tips to enjoy a look radiant and healthy.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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