Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tips to reduce sugar intake

Everyone does - at some point - eat a sweet and we know that it is not the ideal food to balanced nutrition by reducing calorie consumption, but what we don't know are the implications of over consumption of glucose in our body, therefore before mentioning some tips that will help you transform your sugar consumption habit We see necessary to let you know the consequences of sugar in our body.
Let's start by mentioning the problems caused in the oral health, since large amounts of sugar consumption relates to the occurrence of dental caries. On the other hand, the sugar creates a great contribution of calories and fat that facilitate the weight gain and, therefore, obesity; a deficit of vitamin B in the body, vitamin essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and utilization of nutrients is can also show. At the time of eating sugar is used lot of this vitamin to decrease its presence in the body and making other consumed foods do not have required the metabolism and absorption.
Sugar also generates increased triglyceride accumulated in the blood, which can lead to risk of cardiovascular diseases, alter the stiffness of the arteries, thereby generating an increase in blood pressure at the same time. Similarly, high levels of insulin can also give rise to the appearance of acne, and what is more serious is that the sugar tends to be addictive for persons, constituting this a big risk on human health, increasing the previously mentioned problems.

Tips to reduce sugar intake

1- How to change the habit of excessive consumption of sugar:

The first counsel is to change the sugar refined by honey or brown sugar, at the same time recommending minimal consumption of this to avoid negative consequences in the body.
Reduce the consumption of foods with sugar artificial as drinks, sodas, juices, which do not permit the use of nutrients.
You can avoid sweets factory, since these apart from natural sugars and artificial may present different additives derived from glucose generating this increased consumption of calories that can affect your body and lift your body weight.
Prepare recipes with fruits that provide its natural glucose and avoid adding more sugar that modify the flavor and nutrients from natural fruits.
Identify sources of sugar in their diet and select and calculate the amount of sugar consumed in each food throughout the day, to be aware of doses consumed daily and avoid this intensive glucose that can affect your health.
Identify the types of sugar to recognize the positive and negatives in our body and be able to decide the correct nutritional doses of daily intake of this product.
Do not skip breakfast and eat it in a healthy way, avoiding at the same time the consumption of sweets and flour between meals.
Sugar fulfills various functions in our body, as activation energy essential for the good development of daily activities, however it is essential to know the negative effects that the excess glucose can have on our body, and is why it is indispensable to take into account the reduction of sugar in our diet to ensure this action a healthier body and a body that is effective in each of the processes required by each one of the systems.

Tips to reduce sugar intake

Consume less sugar means having a healthy lifestyle and increase their consumption, inevitably, says harmful health effects speeding up the risk to suffer various diseases, such as diabetes, disease which affects a large number of people currently and which obliges people to reduce or eliminate the consumption of sugar from their daily diets.
By all the negative effects referred to above, recommended the reduction of the consumption of sugar and replacement of artificial sugar present in fruits natural "glucose", decision of each take care of your health and provide positive habits that establish a constant welfare of the human being and his body.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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