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Tips and advice for washing and disinfecting fruit and vegetables

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is indispensable to preserve the well-being of our organism, these foods perform a variety of nutritional contributions essential for the proper functioning of the body's systems, at the same time contributing to the immune system to improve its defenses, avoiding risks of diseases.
The best way to eat fruits in its natural state or juices containing no preservatives of any kind, on the other hand the vegetables do eat some raw, others boiled, but little water so that their properties are exploited in its most.
While these foods offer great benefits to be weatherproof have pollution through the environment, during its cultivation using various poisons and chemicals to remove pests of plantation and now when are exhibited for sale have great contact with people adopting the dirt and bacteria on the hands of these.

Tips and advice for washing and disinfecting fruit and vegetables

1- Methods for washing and disinfecting fruit and vegetables:

Vinegar is an element that provides great properties of disinfectants and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, allowing that last longer in good condition and be released in turn from infections present on its surface. Into a container with water, you should add a cup of vinegar and dipping fruits and vegetables in this liquid for 20 minutes.
Lemon mixed with vinegar also offers great contributions beneficial for healthy fruit conservation, equal parts of water must add a spray, vinegar and lemon juice, sprinkle the fruit with this liquid until they are completely covered, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.
Earthenware SOAP is also suitable when disinfecting, however should be used sparingly and after use the fruit or vegetables should wash well to remove any particles of SOAP that can alter its taste.
To sanitize fruits and vegetables also can be a mixture of water with 5 drops of tea tree oil, immerse the food and leave to act for a few minutes, then remove and rinse well.

Tips and advice for washing and disinfecting fruit and vegetables

2- Recommendations to take into account:

To eliminate any presence of bacteria it is essential to wash well every one of the foods before being consumed, before preparing these foods must ensure that vessels and utensils used in the preparation are clean and free of bacteria, on the other hand, wash your hands well before preparing any recipe.
Avoid washing the fruit with chemicals and hot water, as this makes them to lose some of its properties.
Not in all fruits or vegetables, it is advisable to remove the shell, since there is showing great presence of contributors nutrients to the health of the human body. Similarly, it is recommended that fruits or vegetables after removing the shell are washed again, so the bacteria on the outside do not contaminate the pulp of this.
Similarly, if you wash vegetables such as lettuce or cabbage you must discard the outer leaves that is in the place where they are more bacteria and wash leaf by leaf to eliminate fecal presence of insects or poison,
It is essential to ensure that fruits or vegetables, or any food that is consumed is bacteria that generate infection and disease-free, after the consumption of foods that are not properly washed usually present conditions and alterations at the level of intestinal and digestive, causing diarrhea and intolerance to foods, for that it is essential to have good hygiene in food preparation and disinfection of the same reason.
Fruits and vegetables in their natural state make great nutritional contributions to body reflected in proteins, minerals, vitamins and other components that are essential for the proper functioning of the human body, but the contact with the chemical world makes you're present large amount of bacteria that can relegate its nutrients, to avoid a bad consumption of these foods is recommended to follow the above steps and take into account the various recommendations to release products for the presence bacteria and components harmful to health.
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