Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Remedies for wrinkles of the neck

The typical neck wrinkles are the trait that most disturbs us by example when it comes to wear a dress or even a neckline. The passage of time and a skin that already loses elasticity and tone, are the factors that determine their appearance. It is clear that we will not be able to eliminate them completely, but yes to mitigate them and soften them using simple home remedies. And economic! We explain what you then.

Remedies for wrinkles of the neck

Home remedies to reduce the wrinkles of the neck:

It is necessary to take into account before some simple aspects. Balms, creams, tonics, are always suitable to reduce those wrinkles of the neck. But know that it is also important to prevent, acquire healthy habits that improve the aspects of our skin, avoiding to look dry and non-elasticity. Let us take note.
It avoids that your neck will receive the impact of the Sun. It is what most us ages. If you realize the skin in the neck is especially finite, very sensitive and delicate. And sometimes we forget to hydrate, apply sunscreen, for example. Remember, keep it protected from the Sun.
A good diet: drink plenty of water, drink natural juices, fruits, vegetables... avoids red meat and refined flours... all that food that fills us with toxins and that accumulates in our bodies attacking our health and the health of the skin.

Solution 1: mask of Brewer's yeast:

Excellent remedy that we will allow to increase the production of collagen in the neck, wrinkles and moisturize. How to get it? very easy, we need a yogurt, a tablespoon of Brewer's yeast and another tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Mix well to obtain a paste well homegena. We apply ourselves in the neck and let dry for 15 minutes. We then rinsed with fresh water. You can do this 3 times a week, this mode, re-enable the formation of collagen in this part of the body as delicate as the skin of the neck. It will give you good results.

Remedies for wrinkles of the neck

Remedy 2: mask with plantain and rose water:

Ripe bananas? you might wonder. Yes, it is excellent for regenerating the skin provide collagen and elisticidad. Very effective, a simple remedy that is worth a try. You don't need to do a pasta with a banana that is well ripe, then add a tablespoon of rose water, or if you prefer, a tbsp of rose hip essential oil. We apply ourselves in the neck and leave to act for 20 minutes, then, as always, rinse with fresh water. You can repeat it three times a week.

Remedy 3: Avocado and honey mask:

I could not fail the avocado. Its pulp is used for health remedies and beauty of the skin, is a great moisturizing, healing, a fruit anti-aging collagen formation that reactivates and that is as effective, as easy to get. In this case, it would be very useful that mixes instead of letting it sit in your skin, you did with it an upward massage on your neck. Just do you mix pulp medium avocado with a tablespoon of honey. With a circular but always upward massage to the head, thus improve the tonicity and the elasticity. it's very easy!

Remedies for wrinkles of the neck

Remedy 4: Vinegar Apple and vitamin E:

You have discussed you numerous times in our space: vitamin E is essential to take care of our beauty, our skin, our fingernails, of our hair. It would be so perfect that you will get a few capsules of vitamin E in your pharmacy or your usual natural store. This simple and effective remedy is based on catch the yolk of an egg, put it in a glass bowl and add a capsulita of vitamin E and a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar. It's simply perfect:take care of our skin, restores it moisturizes it, gives elasticity, protects us against free radicals... it is wonderful and worth that prepare it ourselves at least three times a week before we go to sleep. Apply it with a cotton, exerting an upward massage. Then it allows that it is on your skin for 20 minutes, then, rinse with warm water. You will feel more refreshed, hydrated and elastic skin. Don't miss the opportunity to try it.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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