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How to prevent insect bites

Insects are everywhere and can bite us in the field, on the beach or in the city. Although some appear more in the summer that in winter, must be careful, especially if we are allergic. In the following article you will get to know some tips on how to avoid insect bites.

How to prevent insect bites

1- Tips natural to avoid insect bites:

Vermin (the name we give to insects) can transmit various diseases, such as yellow fever, dengue fever or malaria. But also tend to be annoying and chop us, leave us a Welt that irritates and makes us despair by scratch (that something is completely prohibited for more than we can not stand each other). Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to prevent us from biting, without killing them or use chemical elements that affect our health and the environment.

Avoid sweet aroma creams or perfumes:

The insects have their senses developed to find flowers and consume her nectar, that is why they are attracted by the perfumery products with strong odor. If you spend time outdoors or you plan to do this, don't panic cologne or perfume, uses only creams and mild soaps. Some people indicate that an excellent way to ward off insects is getting plenty of exercise to sweat, because they dislike the smell of sweat (the bad thing is that to the people around us either). Another good idea is to eat garlic or onion crude.

Used clothes that do not call the attention:

As with the aromas, the insects are attracted by the colors very bright, as can be orange, fuchsia, yellow or red. Prevents the floral patterns, don't bring jewelry too bright that can reflect the sun. Opts for light colors such as white, beige or green apple. You prefer long sleeves, a hat, closed shoes and long pants.

Cover the bottles of drinks:

If you are having a picnic and begin to appear bees and mosquitoes, can be caused by what you're drinking. If you have prepared a orange juice, will attract the sweet smell and if you drink water you may be looking for refreshment. Intention is not to leave open the bottles or containers where guards the drinks and, where possible, cover with a cloth or with the hand the vessels. If we get to drink, wash well to not to leave trash candy.

How to prevent insect bites

You're not barefoot:

While it is beautiful walking without shoes on the grass or in the sand, we can suffer stings of insects that live in the soil, as can be the wasps. Keep your feet safe from the stingers using shoes. It is not advise nor the sandals.

Pay attention to the nests and hives:

Perhaps it may seem like a very basic and obvious, but sometimes we just want to enjoy the day in the open air that we don't realize that very close there is a large honeycomb of bees, a nest of wasps or an anthill. The most preferred places to "build their houses" are the corners, cracks, under the eaves and the hollow of the branches of the trees. Be careful when choosing a place to camp or spend the day.

Do not make sudden movements:

For more that think otherwise, the insects we only bite if we are a threat to themselves or their community. Then, if we see that about flying a bee, there is no begin to move the arms from here to there or shout, because in this way, the insect will think that it is in danger and will not hesitate a moment to attack. What should be done then is to save the calm, to continue as if nothing happens and walk slowly if we want to flee the scene. This will avoid pitting "unnecessary".

2- How to avoid mosquito bites:

If we did a ranking with the insects more irritating, firstly the mosquitoes would be found. About everything when not let us sleep at night with his buzz near our ears. As well as causing rashes that itch much and cause injuries to the scratch, the mosquito can spread dengue fever, a disease that should be avoided. To be able to drive away mosquitoes without killing them, so all we can continue with our lives, keep these tips in mind:

Placed metallic mesh or tulle on the windows and doors:

When you heat, we want to open all the windows for the home ventilation. But in addition to air, mosquitoes (among other insects) .a good option to avoid this is by placing meshes in the windows. A variant for a day of field or to the room of young children is to place a "Mosquito" of tulle, around the bed, although only serves to prevent the insects in that area.

How to prevent insect bites

Uses natural herbs and essential oils:

The best "Hate Mosquito" natural are the citronella and lemon grass. You can plant both in your garden, take a pot in the window or buy an essential oil with any of the two fragrances. In that case, you can put some drops in the corners of the doors and windows, perfume the house with a stove and/or to use in your body cream or protective factor. In some stores you get candles with essence to citronella, for example.
In regard to the essential oils most recommended, in addition to the two mentioned above, we can emphasize the eucalyptus, lavender, basil, tea tree and the laurel. And finally, you can make a scare away mosquitoes by cutting in half a lemon and placing cloves. So any insect will enter into your house and in addition will leave a delicious aroma.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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