Monday, November 9, 2015

Fruits and plants to slim if you are a woman

To maintain a healthy weight is necessary to have a healthy life, which means that you must maintain an adequate diet, avoiding fats, sweets and the meal in excess, in addition to that it should be practiced regular physical exercise.
Also, if we wish, we can resort to some plants and fruits that have the power to help us to burn fat and lose those extra pounds that we can affect our health and therefore our quality of life.
Plants and fruits that we serve to lose weight should be taken with extreme caution (without arriving to consume large quantities), simply take what we are recommended, since these must be part of a diet, at the same time that the diet should be part of a special program to lose weight.
Then we will know the list of foods more effective that will help us to reduce weight quickly and safely.

1- Foods that help us to reduce weight:

Fruits and plants to slim if you are a woman


It is purifying and has the ability to activate the secretion of bile, it is also very useful to improve the bowel movement, especially if you suffer from constipation. Helps to digest more quickly the fats.


Like the artichoke, this also has depurant properties, helping to improve digestive problems. Helps to regulate the appetite since it leaves a feeling of satiety, avoiding that you are hungry every once in a while.

Pineapple or pineapple:

In this case, what is used is the stem of the fruit, is recommended in the case of excess weight is caused by fluid retention, it is also very effective to treat cases of cellulite. It is quite effective to dissolve and to mobilize the fat of the body which are eliminated in the urine.

Fruits and plants to slim if you are a woman

Bitter Orange:

It uses the skin, since it has the capacity to increase consumption of calories from the body, which can be very useful to those diets isocaloric.


This alga it works by helping to improve the metabolism and causing a great sensation of satiety due to the high content of water that holds is a powerful laxative and invigorating the stomach.


The caffeine that this plant contributes to the agency helps accelerate the combustion of fats thereby increasing the cellular metabolism. It is a special plug-in for certain diets that often cause lack of energy, weakness and exhaustion.

Fruits and plants to slim if you are a woman


This is a great help to stimulate digestion, in this way facilitates the assimilation of all nutrients and further contributes to the rapid elimination of the substances that the body no longer needs.

Pony Tail:

This plant has a powerful diuretic effect, is of great utility when weight problems are caused by fluid retention, in addition is detoxifier, helping to clean the body leaving it ready to begin any type of diet.
Don't forget that these are simply aid or additions that you can be very useful when wanting to lose weight, also you must also perform physical exercise frequently, eat healthy foods, including good amounts of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and above all to change your habits of life.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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