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Clean the impurities from your skin in a month

To clean our skin of impurities and that seems homogeneous and luminous we must do a finished cleanliness on the outside but also from within, detoxifying the organs that usually eliminate the toxins across the skin.
In this article we explain how you can make a plan for deep cleansing of the skin with treatments and natural remedies, ideal for skins with excess grease or mixed, with black spots, acne, boils, etc.

Clean the impurities from your skin in a month

1- Clean the intestines:

The intestines are an organ intimately related to our skin, therefore the first step will consist of cleaning them thoroughly and of making sure that they should work correctly. The most habitual problem in this sense is the constipation, which causes an accumulation of poisonous substances that, on not having been eliminated naturally, end up by going on to the blood irrigation, and hence the body does all the possible from eliminating them across the skin, in the shape of impurities, perspiration, etc.
There are several natural methods to clean our intestines and prevent constipation:

Eating daily ripe fruit and fresh vegetables, especially fruits such as prunes, figs and apples and green leafy vegetables such as spinach or chard.
Add flax seeds to our dishes
Consume whole grains: bread, pasta, rice, wheat, etc.
Taking supplements of magnesium chloride.
Drink two cups of warm water fasting
Drink plenty of water throughout the day
Perform enemas of water if necessary, much more natural that the enemas chemical of pharmacy
During the month of cleaning we will have to follow these tips so that we become aware of our intestines work correctly.

2- Take medicinal infusions:

There are some medicinal plants that will help us to clean the skin from within. It is possible that the first few days we can notice more impurities, but it is a habitual step whenever you perform an internal cleaning, and at short notice as disappear and our skin is more clean.
Nettle green: this plant wild has the property to clean up and beautify the skin, in addition to cleanse our body.
Burdock: decoction of this root is very useful in case of impurities important such as acne or boils. It is also very beneficial for the kidney.
Green Tea: green tea is purifying and very rich in antioxidants, which also has rejuvenating properties
Dandelion: this great purifying works to complete level, cleaned liver, kidneys and skin.
During the month of cleaning we can toggle or combine these infusions, but we will have to take three cups daily.

3- The daily cleaning of the skin:

Once we have planned internal cleaning, it will be essential to learn to take care of our skin externally. For this reason we recommend you follow daily these steps:

In the morning wash our our face with cold water
We will apply a natural tonic, which can be water of roses, water hammamelis or chamomile
Once dry off we will hydrate the skin according to the type. If we do not have a suitable moisturizer we can use a vegetable oil: jojoba oil (for greasy skins), coconut oil (for mixed skins) or oil of argon or almond (for dry skins).
We will massage gently the face so that absorb well the oils and this way also to promote the natural regeneration of the skin.
In the night we will repeat exactly the same steps before going to bed. If we have made ourselves up we will not forget to eliminate firstly the makeup, always using natural products.

Clean the impurities from your skin in a month

4- Exfoliation and nutrition once a week:

During the month of cleanliness we will have to realize once a week the following treatments: an exfoliation of the skin and the application of a nourishing mask and cleaner.
The exfoliation or peeling it is fundamental to help us to eliminate the impurities, and one of the simplest methods consists of using salt or sugar mixed with aloe edge (or oil if we have the very dry skin), with which we will massage gently the skin. Later we will clarify the skin with lukewarm water and will proceed to apply a mask purifying and moisturizing, that we will prepare with green clay mixed with natural yogurt. We will apply it and will allow her to act during half an hour approximately, until we see that the clay dries off.
Then we will remove with warm water and apply our cream moisturizer.
These treatments we can continue beyond the monthly plan for cleaning, but we recommend them every 10 or 15 days.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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