Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Causes and remedies for the crow's feet

Crow's feet are those wrinkles that appear on the outer end of our eyes, which are exaggerated if we half close eyes. What are they due? How can we avoid them or conceal them?
In this article we give you these answers from treatments and natural remedies that will help you care for your health by inside and that you notice in your beauty on the outside, avoiding the appearance of these unsightly wrinkles much aging our face.

Causes and remedies for the crow's feet

1- Eye strain:

One of the reasons why these wrinkles appear to us and are often aggravated is the tension we have in the entire eye area. If we look, when we do not see well tend to squint, a gesture that slightly sharpens our vision but that contributes to the appearance of these wrinkles. It is very common to do so when we began to suffer shortsightedness or eyestrain and we resist to go to an ophthalmologist or to wear glasses. Therefore we recommend to treat the problems of vision and at the same time perform eye relaxation exercises, since these gestures often do tend to repeat them continuously without realizing. How do we relax our eyes?
Several times a day we can splash your eyes with cold water, which immediately improves the circulation in the area.
We will make every day a gentle massage around the eyes. Starting at the internal root of the eyebrows, making small circles almost imperceptible press, continue the journey towards the outer part of the eyebrow, then descend and continue all around until you get back to the beginning of the eyebrow.
Throughout the day, especially when we spend hours at the computer or stare at a point, we will make the On2, a technique of eye relaxation that is to rub our hands so that they come into heat and support the eyes closed in the Palm of your hands for a few minutes. We will notice the eyes relax and to reopen them our vision will be improved, will be clear and sharp.
Finally, the last exercise is strongly close your eyes and relax them, in a quiet way, and breathing deeply.

2- The weakened liver:

The second cause of the appearance of Crow's feet is that the liver is weakened. What causes this weakness?
A poor diet, rich in unhealthy fats, preservatives, refined foods, etc.
Toxic as the any or alcohol habits
Negative emotions like anger

How do we deal with a weakened liver?

We opt for a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts and seeds.
We take infusions of thistle, bold, tooth of lion or artichoke
We will carry out activities or therapies that contribute to emotional balance
Before going to sleep we place a hot water bottle on the ribs on the right side, which helps balance liver

3- The lack of Silicon:

From the 40 our body loses each time more amount of silicon, an essential mineral for the formation of our skin tissue, hair, nails, bones, etc. Therefore, we recommend to take a supplement of liquid organic silicon, which is the format that is better assimilated by our body.
We can also take infusions of ponytail, a medicinal plant that is very rich in this mineral, which also prevents fluid retention while us remineralized.

Causes and remedies for the crow's feet

4- Eye Contour care:

Finally the cosmetic treatment of the skin with gentle, natural products, is also essential to possible ecological, but also we can use some more economic remedies. Since it is a very delicate area of the face we recommend apply daily, morning and night, rosehip oil or argan oil, ideal for dry or mature skin and wrinkles. Oil you choose can add, in small amounts, some drops of essential oil of geranium, which helps regenerate the skin.
In addition to nourish in depth around the eyes also you can apply one of these three remedies for relaxing the eye area:

Fresh cucumber slices
Slices of raw potato
Bags of Chamomile that have been taken and subsequently preserved in the freezer.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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