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Symptoms and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a set of ligaments and bones that are in the wrist of the hand exactly at the base of the Palm, there also is the median nerve, which is responsible for sending impulses to the brain to open and close the hand. Tendons, to the tighten, oppress the median nerve and do not allow sending signals to the brain, this can be taken for repetitive stressful, to preserve the same posture or position during long times, also can be caused by arthritis, fluid retention, drop, emotional stress, hormonal changes in women and fractures.

Symptoms and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

1- What are your symptoms?

The symptoms of carpal tunnel is governed by pain, numbness of muscles, tingling, feeling of power or a combination of all of these symptoms; the pain caused by this syndrome can occur frequently in the evenings, can lose the coordination of the movements of the hand, the strength of the fist and increasing clumsiness to take objects.
Other symptoms of the syndrome of the carpal tunnel, such as tingling in the fingers, severe pain in the thumb drive to extend the neck, burning in the total surface of the hand, alterations in sensitivity to different temperatures, in the hand and forearm inflammation and changes in the sweating of the hands can be cited.
After knowing the symptoms present in people who suffer from this syndrome, it is recommended for those who suffer from carpal tunnel so as to those who want to avoid it, practice a series of Physiotherapeutic exercises, which we will present below:
Do 4 sets of shoulder rotation. For this you must stand firmly and relax, up, down, and back. At the end of relax shoulders.
To use the keyboard to avoid moving the wrist, keep it firm and move only the fingers typing.
Sit straight, place your right hand on the left shoulder, slowly push the shoulder down while you turn the head clockwise to stretch all of the muscle fibers, hold for five seconds and repeat with the opposite shoulder, repeat the exercise 4 to 6 series of shoulder.
Be sure to take frequent, short breaks during the work which requires a repetitive activity, and keeping the same movement of the wrist.
Close the fist gently, then extend the hand and wiggle your toes, repeat this exercise five times.

Symptoms and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

2- Recommendations to treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome:

Recommendations are several to prevent and control the the carpal tunnel syndrome, which currently affects so many people because tasks requiring a stability of the movement by stressing the nerves of the hands. Activities or occupations with increased risk of OHSS include: workers, Packers, machine operators, food handlers, kitchen assistants, personnel of cleaning, Secretaries or pen people, cashiers, etc. Some recommendations for handling this syndrome, or to avoid it are:
Decrease positions uncomfortable doll, while allowing some minutes of relaxation and stretching of the ligaments and muscle between the daily repetitive tasks.
Reduce vibratory spaces of the daily hands-on activities in their professional work.
It is recommended to acquire tools or work objects that allow a stable and comfortable position of the wrist to prevent alterations stressful.
Rotate chores at work to reduce the continuous and prolonged movements avoiding the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Control overweight.
Avoid that the mouse and keyboard are higher that the comfortable position of his forearms, this improper position may contribute to the formation of this syndrome.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is mainly known for its effects on persons currently, is a syndrome that Mars sending signals from the hand to the brain prevent this mobility and subsequently granting numbness of the hand and the various symptoms mentioned above.
It is essential to preserve the health of each one of the component parties our body to ensure one good performance both in the personal and working life, carpal tunnel prevents the preparation work fully required, this since it impedes the proper functioning of some of our essential limbs, hands; It is our duty caring for our body to perform constant exercises, massages, carrying out a good diet, rest, exchange activities and activities which allow the relaxation of our body systems.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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