Monday, November 2, 2015

The diet of the colors

It's one option more than interesting for those who are looking to lose weight, but at the same time, for those who want to improve their diet, based on a balance and intake of those products that really do well to the body. You can take a look at this diet of colors, which rages in the United States.

The diet of the colors

1- Eating with your eyes:

It might sound weird, but it is the truth of this diet. It is that, without a doubt, when we see a dish before our eyes, all the senses, but in particular, smell and sight are activated. If you begin to choose the food by its color, you'll be adding to your body all the nutrients you need every day, being the key to a healthier diet that will not allow you to gain weight and lose some kilos.
By consuming daily vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables from five colors, we guarantee low energy intake and in turn, many minerals, fiber and vitamins. At the same time, according to the research, decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and cholesterol.

2- The five colors of the diet:

Imagine what happens when you go to the grocery store and compare it with the carnage. In the first case, you will see different colors displayed, in the second, only two or three. Then, you must not hesitate in consuming what is related to life, with nature, with mother earth.
This diet of five colors recommended to consume which guarantees protection and welfare. The five colors are: purple or blue, red, green, white and yellow.
Then, the foods that are purple or blue contain high doses of antioxidants that protect cells from free radical attacks, help the circulatory system to work better and prevent various types of cancer.
In the Group of the color, are those foods that provide beta carotene, necessary to maintain the health of the skin and at the same time, with high purifying power, i.e., allowing to eliminate waste or toxins from the body.
In terms of the set of green foods, they help prevent cholesterol, improves the blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases, due to their high doses of fibers.
We also have food targets, which help increase the defenses and the immune system, as well as improve resistance to any external factor (such as virus or bacteria).
Finally, in the yellow group, are foods that help to keep bones and teeth strong, good vision and healthy skin.

The diet of the colors

3- Foods included in each group:

Don't let this list detailing each color food side (you can add more according to your taste or possibilities):
Blue or purple: beet, eggplant, mulberry, black grape, Plum, cranberry, fig, passion fruit
Red: tomato Apple, strawberry, cherry, pomegranate, raspberry, pepper, watermelon radish
Green: lettuce, cabbage, squash, Swiss chard, broccoli, spinach, kiwi, asparagus, chaucha, artichokes, peas,
White: garlic, turnip, cauliflower, onion, leek, pear, Endive, mushrooms,
Yellow or Orange: carrot, Orange, grapefruit, lemon, banana, mango, Tangerine, pumpkin, peach, peach, loquat, pineapple, apricot

4- Rules for the diet of five colors:

Each color group has a perfect combination of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients for our everyday life. It is not necessary for them to consume all in the same plate, but the important thing is that they are present throughout the week in various dishes and menus.
Vegetables and fruits, should preferably be consumed raw. If you prefer to eat them cooked, then you can opt for different cooking techniques, such as steam, either, without leaving that break the boil so some vitamins are not lost. At the same time, industrialized or products that are marketed in cans or aluminum containers are not recommended. This is because it generally tend to lose their properties.

The diet of the colors

5- Typical diet of five colors menu:

If you want to continue this wonderful diet you can for example choose the following menu:
Breakfast: juice oranges and milk with cereals
Mid-morning: 3 plums
Lunch: chicken with rice and lettuce and tomato salad
Snack: milk with papaya Smoothie
Dinner: fish with eggplant, carrots, garlic and tomatoes salad
You can combine foods as you wish and don't forget to add in the major part of the dish more "colorful" foods.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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