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Japanese Diet: healthy oriental food to lose weight

Have you ever heard ever Japanese Diet for weight loss? In fact, there are many studies which speak of the virtues of this type of diet. Food fresh dishes in small quantities, vegetable drinks, rice, fish... are simple delight that we can learn and that can help us to lose a few pounds. Ready to learn more Japanese Diet?

1- The Japanese diet secrets:

Japanese Diet: healthy oriental food to lose weight

1. A population very long eval and almost without obesity:

So, the statistics are there to show us how in Japan people live longer. And not only is the diet, which is essential with delicacies such as sushi or teriyaki. If not also in their habits of life. Despite being a population very oriented to work, they know have strategies to rest, to enjoy nature, practice relaxation and take small and healthy living habits in their daily lives.
Nor is it very common to see obsessed people in this country. In fact, only 3% of the female population has rates of obesity. How do they do it? Is the raw salmon maybe? Or will be by their sesame seeds, those that they say provide both force or energy? The reality is that the Japanese follow some simple guidelines that we turn, then, to explain.

2. But what is the diet of the Japanese?

The first key is simple, the Japanese consume food always fresh and in small portions. What does it mean? What dishes are characterised by quality and not quantity. I.e., all industrial food or prepared foods that warm up in the microwave, no refined flour, food fats... only fresh and natural food.
Another aspect to consider is how to eat. Slowly and with complacency. Tasting each mouthful leisurely enjoying the most of the dishes. You will never reach the empalago, take care to a presentation and the visual food game. Not only it is eaten with the stomach, also with view. It is important.
And now an important fact: the Japanese do not eat dairy. They are not very fond of bread or meat. Leaning more for rice, vegetables, and fish. The fresh fruit is also essential, and always in small portions.
For the Japanese, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Start the day with varied dishes ranging from vegetable, rice, soups, eggs and the essential drink green tea.

Japanese Diet: healthy oriental food to lose weight

3- Staples in the Japanese Diet to lose weight:

Rice, is Basic. But that to be possible always integral
Noodles: there are Japanese specialities that are ideal to include in our Eastern diet, ramen, soba, udon, somen... They have different sizes and are made with different types of wheat are very healthy and just have carbohydrates. Many of them are also suitable for coeliacs. A healthy choice that are well worth a try.
Fruits, especially apples Fuji, persimmon and tangerines. Delicious, really?
Fish like mackerel or salmon
Soybean, millet, tofu... rich in calcium and proteins, some as beneficial as healthy alternatives to dairy products, which are also rich in antioxidants, reduces bad cholesterol and prevent diabetes. They are ideal.
Green tea. Always indispensable.
Vegetables: Eggplant, bean sprouts, beans rojas, mushrooms, cabbage, ginger, pumpkin, potatoes, bamboo shoots, radishes and seaweed.

4- Examples of oriental diet for weight loss:

Then you give as an example the diet that you could continue throughout a day. Japanese food offers many possibilities, is not complicated to make and really tasty. Remember that it is essential that all foods are fresh, you play with the colors when it comes to assemble your dishes and you eat slowly, enjoying every ingredient.
The diet that you present it would be ideal that you guessed it at least ten days a month. It is a way to eat healthy and go losing weight. takes note!


A Tangerine
A cup of broth of miso: don't worry, ingredients like miso, you can find them in specialty stores. It's a typical soup to take in the morning, ideal thanks to the energy and low in fat which gives us. It consists of Nice (a type of fish), tofu, seaweed broth, miso (made from soy flavored pasta) and a spring onion.
A cup of green tea.

Japanese Diet: healthy oriental food to lose weight


A bowl of sushi (raw fish with rice), accompanied by soy sauce.
A cup of noodles with mushrooms.
An Apple.
A cup of green tea.
Assorted sashimi (is a dish of different types of fish), accompanied by soy sauce and wasabi (beware of wasabi, at first glance seems avocado but it is very spicy).
A bowl of brown rice
An orange.
A cup of green tea.
Remember to also follow the habits of life of the Japanese: they meditate much, they tend to walk on foot and by bicycle, appreciating the moment and enjoying the simple things.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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