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Benefits of the massage reducers

To keep the body healthy and good looking it is important that a balanced diet is made and some exercise is practiced constantly, in addition to this, there are various AIDS to control those areas of the body that sometimes are difficult to treat, such as the arms, abdomen or legs. If this happens to you or you have problems of sagging skin you can help with homemade Reductor massages, they are very easy to make and they will be economic.
These reducers products can apply it in the arms, waist, abdomen, and legs mainly in order to reduce the fat, cellulite and improve blood flow and prevent varicose veins.
In addition to the benefits it brings to the body image, body massages help to reduce tension and stress, as well as relieve sore muscles, improve circulation and increase the flexibility. Now to speak of massage, you have to know which consist of a set of movements that are performed in the established area, what you want to create beneficial for body mixes may need alcohol, an Exfoliating glove, and a slimming.
Before performing any type of massage cleans the area with cotton, in order to remove dirt. Do it gently so that the area you fret not!
Exfoliating glove massage in a circular motion, apply the reducing cream and the massage is applied in various directions, but not up to down since you can make that skin contains more sagging. Also, do it gently with pressure, but with care not to hurt yourself since they can leave you bruised, finally clean with cotton.

1- Would you like to develop your slimming?

Benefits of the massage reducers

Cold cream:

To form this cream put to cook in a Bain-Marie container half a liter of water, one tablespoon of seaweed, Rosemary, aloe vera, peppermint, pennywort, ponytail, Ivy-elastin, some of these products sound strange to you, but if you go to a health food store there and find them.
Whisk all the ingredients and after that grass left to cool and pour into a glass container. Save it in a login that does not give him much sun, or best once in the fridge for that remains cold and fresh.

Coffee for the legs:

This cream is done primarily to eliminate the dead cells in the legs, is prepared with a base of coffee and its use is ideal for after the shave.


4 tablespoons of sugar
4 tablespoons of ground coffee
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon of sea salt
2 tablespoons honey


In a bowl pour ground coffee with sugar, olive oil and sea salt. Add honey and hands apply it in the foot by gentle circular massaging, this apart from removing dead cells will give you a feeling of relaxation.

Benefits of the massage reducers

2- Movements for the massage:

Friction, kneading and tapping
The best way to perform a massage is with the hands, because having the reducing cream on the affected area begins to "knead" gently and with the passage of time you're pushing here. You do the motion with the hands of the clock. Do it for 20 minutes and give you some soft Pats on the area that you are trying to.
The results will not be from one day to another, it is therefore important that you are dedicated and don't give these massages, remember that not only will make you an asset to your outside but you relax and help you to manage stress and maintain a good blood flow. Take plenty of water to hydrate your body and eliminate toxins, performs various sports such as running, biking or doing swimming, sleeping hours recommended for adults (8 hours) and the most relevant when it comes to taking care of your body and keep you in the ideal weight is to have a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables that provide your body all the nutrients and vitamins you need to stay in an excellent State.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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