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8 uses and benefits of Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is a product widely used around the world because of the multiple benefits for the health of our body and home cleaning. It contains more than thirty important nutrients, lots of vitamins A and B, essential fatty acids, minerals and many other elements that are responsible for acting on our body to help you to have better performance and to fight many diseases.
Since ancient times has been used Apple Cider vinegar in small quantities to relieve many ailments, scare off many diseases and purify the organism; with the passing of the years and the different studies were determined that this product also has very beneficial properties to balance the metabolism of the body, for the care of the skin, allergies, respiratory diseases, among others.
Surely you've heard of vinegar Apple but you didn't know all the benefits it can have for your health, would you like to get to know some of its uses and benefits?

8 uses and benefits of Apple Cider vinegar

1- Digestive problems:

Apple Cider vinegar has properties that increase the enzymes in our body, this will destroy harmful bacteria and regulate the stomach acids. This product is idea l for treating digestive gases, spasms, constipation and general problems to maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system; recommended is to eat a teaspoon of vinegar half an hour before each meal.

2- Lose weight:

With the passing of the years, it was discovered that Apple Cider vinegar is a great ally to lose weight since among its compounds found acetic acid, an element that is responsible for reducing body weight and abdominal fat localized fat which is usually in the waist and legs.
To take advantage of this great benefit of Apple Cider vinegar, what you should do is dissolve two tablespoons of vinegar in water and consume preferably on an empty stomach.

3- Diabetes:

According to several studies, include Apple Cider vinegar in your diet can help control blood sugar levels. To make this work, it is necessary to combine the consumption of Apple Cider vinegar with a balanced, low saturated fat diet and eliminating the consumption of refined sugars.
To combat diabetes it is recommended to dilute two tablespoons of vinegar's in a glass with water and consumed before going to bed at night.

8 uses and benefits of Apple Cider vinegar

4- Fungi in the skin:

It is ideal to combat the fungus known as Candida albicans that, as a result, infections in the skin. Acetic acid containing this vinegar is an element that treats and eliminates the fungus completely.
For your use, you will have to dissolve two or three cups of Apple Cider vinegar in the bath water and soak for 15 minutes; You can also mix a teaspoon of vinegar in a tablespoon of water and applied directly on the affected area.

5- Joint problems:

Apple Cider vinegar is a great ally to combat problems such as arthritis and arthrosis. For its properties, the vinegar helps to reduce tension, pain and discomfort that such conditions can cause, is ideal to heal the wounds, eliminates cramping of the legs, among others.
This vinegar contains Malic acid, which helps to combat bacterial infections and also helps to dissolve deposits of uric acid that form in the joints making to become painful.
Recommended is to mix two tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of warm water, you can add a tablespoon of honey and then it should be consumed immediately.

6- Hair:

Three tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar applied to wet hair is ideal to give the hair natural shine and eliminate dandruff. It controls the PH of the scalp, alleviates irritation and is ideal for greasy hair; its use should be moderated because it can cause itching or burning.

8 uses and benefits of Apple Cider vinegar

7- Acne and spots on the skin:

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Apple Cider vinegar are ideal for skin care. In the case of acne and spots is very effective since it helps restore the acid mantle of the skin, which is the cause of deposits of grease from the skin and dryness.
To use simply make a lotion by combining 50/50 oil Apple and water and then applying directly on the skin.

8- Home:

In addition to applications for the health of our body, Apple oil can be a great ally for the home.
Canning Apple in a spray oil is ideal for spraying the windows, doors and any way that the ants can follow; in this way you can eliminate this pest in your home.
Diluted oil of Apple in water is a repellent home that we have at hand to prevent the bite of insects.
Controls the plague of fleas on the pet and in the places of the House. For this you can include in your pet bath one part vinegar with the water that you are using; in the case of home just place a small container with Apple Cider vinegar on the site where it is believed that there are fleas.
It works as a good glass cleaner and crystals. For this you will have to dilute vinegar in warm water and then wipe with a soft cloth.
It is ideal for cleaning utensils in the kitchen is a good cleaner, degreasing and disinfectant.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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