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How to make natural soap with honey, cinnamon and orange

It is important to know that the vast majority of soaps that you buy are not really natural soaps, but detergents. They are generally processed products with chemicals that often mistreat your skin. More even if you have a sensitive skin or you want to look as radiant as possible.
There are also many people who are allergic to different soaps, that although they are apparently very soft skin, finish creating you even allergies that you didn't before. It is for this reason that I want to recommend that you develop your own soaps, natural, economic and simple, so easy to acquire ingredients, and most importantly, that does not contain chemicals that can be devastating to your skin, as soaps that here you will learn to develop are of excellent quality.
You can take advantage of already same what we will teach you here not only for your use, but it can also be a nice touch for gift giving, or perhaps you can begin to create your own natural soaps sales business.
Natural soaps can be prepared with different ingredients and in different ways. And while there are plenty of products of which we can obtain the best handmade soap, here we will teach you to create a good product of honey, Orange and cinnamon. You can take advantage of this opportunity to learn and you can even share with your friends.

1- Natural soap with honey, cinnamon and orange:

How to make natural soap with honey, cinnamon and orange


Essential oils
AE drops of Orange 6ml
drops of grapefruit 3ml
drops of benzoin 3ml
drops of lemon 3ml
10 grams of soda caustic.
235 grams of water
powdered cinnamon
1 tablespoon honey
Aloe vera
210 grams babassu oil
210 grams olive oil
130 grams coconut oil
130 grams jojoba oil


If you want that your SOAP has an intense smell, you can increase the amount of essential oils and fragrance, that depends on your taste.
You have to use a silicone mould that endure high temperatures. Depending on the size of the cast, likewise will be your SOAP.
I apply a little cinnamon powder in the bottom of the silicone mould. This so when the SOAP is completely finished have bits of cinnamon that will give you a good fragrance.
You put to boil to simmer essential oils. Try to do not heat to more than 70 degrees.
You deposit in a glass water with aloe vera. In another glass you deposit a bit of caustic soda. For this step you need to put sunglasses and a protective mask.
In a glass mixing caustic soda with water and revuelves very well. This will produce a lot of heat and steam, you let it cool a little and you will add a teaspoon of honey.
In another clean container, mixing soda and water with essential oils and bates it until it is as a gel. This must be done with the protection goggles.
You put 10 drops of lemon essential oils. This with the aim of fixing the citrus essential oils
Gets to mold the mixture of oils, caustic soda, water, and the drops of lemon. It can be cast on the top of a wooden board for greater security. Once the entire mixture is well placed in the mold, you can leave in a quiescent place 6 to 24 hours. Then you'll see how you can remove the SOAP mould when completely hard and look dry in appearance, because then you can put it to dry in a ventilated place 6 to 8 weeks.
Once all these steps that you mentioned earlier you'll get one of the most important products for care and hygiene of your body, and more importantly, will be peaceful knowing that what you are using was made by your own hands and with the most natural and simple ingredients. What surely won't damage your skin, and will prevent it any type of infection, allergy or illness.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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