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How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

It's no secret that for many of us, have problems when it comes to exercises (because out us easily, for example), or worse still that in Christmas holidays increase weight too easily; but when it comes down it is all an ordeal. No?
The important thing is to have good health and thus go getting a body aesthetically very suitable for us; If we can control our metabolism we can get become very active physically, that will lead us to have a higher self-esteem, fewer episodes of depression and more vibrant against the tasks that arise us daily. We're going to really feel assets!

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

1- Why accelerate your metabolism?

Perhaps this is a question that comes to us all and here we have the answer. More fast your metabolism you have, more fat will burn your body or more force will have to allow you to do so. If you usually have a metabolism slow by nature no matter if you eat pills or do other things like diets to lose weight, this will be futile. Therefore it is very important that you apply what you listed below in this article.

2- Recommendations to speed up your metabolism and lose weight:

Breakfast daily:

Breakfast helps us to wake up our metabolism, this form will spend more calories throughout the day. Breakfast helps us keep our glucose and insulin levels constant and thanks to this you will be able to resist other types of less healthy foods in the rest of the day.

It controls your fat levels:

Scientific studies have shown that more calories eating low fat foods burn. It is recommended to consume foods rich in protein and carbohydrates which cause greater calorie expenditure, being much higher expenditure than by fat-rich foods.
This may be the explanation for why some people who eat few foods not slim; since they eat few foods, but what you consume as it is richer in fat than in proteins and carbohydrates.

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

Trains in fasting:

With this recommendation must have a strict care, since they usually do professionals with medical supervision; We recommend doing so on weekends and very good controlling your appetite, so you won't have to work very exhausted and famished.
This training is performed to reduce the reserves of glucose or muscle glycogen, thus resorting to fats such as reserves for energy during exercise.

Say no to low-calorie diets:

If you want to lose weight, the idea is to spend more calories than you consume at the end of the day. Eating helps expend energy absorbing, transporting, storing and metabolize food; This generates a so-called thermal effect and increases metabolism at rest between 8 and 16% for the two or three hours after every meal. So the idea is to eat good shape so that your metabolism is slow, because if you don't eat properly the body it will not burn fat acumulad and not you come down in weight as you want.

It is well distributed daily meals:

Apart from eating breakfast, lunch and dinner; adds further "four" hits to your diet, so ensure a power and will increase the energy that is spent in the combustion of food, increased as well your caloric expenditure to keep the metabolism high. Of course, we do not eat heavy things in the Middle, they are recommended foods low in calories and high in fiber.

Drink plenty of water:

Water helps to clean and remove toxins which can favour accumulation of fat (it is as if it had a magical effect on us).
Hydrate ourselves correctly can increase by 30% your metabolic rate during the next hour, doing so you burn calories 24 approximately.

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

Add spicy:

Add to our meals spicy foods such as curry, cayenne pepper, black pepper, cumin, and others, helps to shoot the speed with which the body burns fat; Since these foods cause a greater expenditure energy simply to generate heat, which accelerates the energy burning of food.

Build muscle:

It is not necessary that you're a person with advanced physical culture or a fan to the gym. You can lift weights at home every day, without that is very intense exercise, gradually get muscle and this will help you burn fat, and therefore lose weight.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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