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Medicinal and delicious drinks with pineapple skin

Did you know that you can use the skin of pineapple to prepare delicious drinks and also have medicinal qualities? To combat parasites, the fluid retention, constipation, inflammations, among others.
Despise not over this part of the pineapple. In this article you will learn all of its properties and simple step-by-step recipes: cooking with the skin of pineapple and a fermented drink rich in Probiotics

Medicinal and delicious drinks with pineapple skin

1- Health properties:

Whenever the fruits are organic, and if possible, it is recommended to also eat their peeling, since it has many health benefits. In the case of pineapple also, and also with the advantage that it is a fruit that are not usually you take pesticides since it grows without too many problems in general.

Main properties:
It helps to combat intestinal parasites
It helps to have good digestion, thanks to its content of Bromelain, an enzyme that improves the digestive process. It is the ideal dessert when we eat meat or fish. On the other hand, it is not recommended to combine it in the same food with carbohydrates (flour, pasta, potato, etc.)
Improves bowel function, constipation and hemorrhoids
It protects the microbial flora of the colon
It is a powerful anti-inflammatory natural, ideal for muscle inflammations, throat, etc.
It helps to accelerate the healing of wounds caused by injury or surgery
It has anti-cancer properties
It improves circulation and has anticoagulant properties
It helps to lose weight and fight cellulite
It is a great diuretic that helps eliminate excess fluids of our body.
In addition to the properties of the fruit, the skin of the pineapple is also a great blood purifier.

Medicinal and delicious drinks with pineapple skin

2- Cooked skin of pineapple drink:

We will prepare the simple drink in the following manner:

We wash the pineapple well and peel it.
Cut the skin into smaller pieces, which we will put to boil with about a liter of water to a medium or large pineapple.
Let it boil to slow fire, best in a covered pan, for 15 to 20 minutes.
Then let stand another 5 minutes.
We sweeten it with honey or stevia.
We can drink it hot, freshly prepared, either cold.

Medicinal and delicious drinks with pineapple skin

3- Fermented beverage of pineapple skin:

This another recipe that is usually prepared in Central America and of the South, is not very complicated and we can serve at a meal to surprise our guests. It is excellent to accompany meals containing meat or fish, since it will help us to digest them much better.
In addition, this drink, fermented, contains large amount of probiotics, which further improve the health of our intestines.


We need a big pineapple or two very mature medium, which we wash well and Peel.
Cut the skin into smaller pieces, which we put in a container of glass or ceramic we can close tightly. In this container will be also two litres of water and 500 gr. sugar moreno, brown sugar or molasses.
We will close it well and let it stand in a warm place for 48 hours.
Two days after strain so there are no grounds, add another liter of water and let it stand again during 12 hours.
Passed this time we add three-quarters of a liter of water and drink is already ready.
Before serving, we recommend to cool it in the fridge.
We can keep well in the fridge.
During the fermentation process this drink initially generates probiotic micro-organisms and if we stopped it more time would become an alcoholic beverage and then vinegar.
We can give you some different touches of flavor by adding to the container, as well as pineapple skin, skin of orange or grapefruit, cinnamon in branch or clove.

Final tips:

It is important that the pineapple is not treated with pesticides for two reasons. The first is that we use them directly and eventually could be harmful to our health. The second is that, since its purpose is precisely to eliminate microorganisms, also they would prevent drink fermentara correctly and generate beneficial microorganisms.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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