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Lose weight with bitter orange

Do you know the bitter orange and its benefits? Surely little heard of it despite being very similar to the traditional Orange, have less famous, but equally has benefits that favor much health. One of the properties that most the attention of this citrus fruit, is its ability to make lose weight; its capabilities will help burn fat, improve metabolism and becomes an ideal ally for weight loss.
The bitter orange is also known with the name of Citrus aurantium, is originally from Syria and Africa, although currently it is also grown in the Mediterranean. Unlike the sweet orange, this fruit as its name implies, is more bitter and not as suitable for constant use. Despite this, its weight loss properties have spread around the world and for this reason it is becoming a very desired food.

Lose weight with bitter orange

1- Benefits of bitter orange for weight loss:

Several investigations have seen that bitter orange has properties that promote weight loss, since they favors fat burning and disposing of waste not needed by the body. The main benefits which has bitter orange for weight loss include:
It increases metabolism.
Help to burn fat located.
It promotes digestive performance, helping to alleviate problems such as constipation, due to its laxative power.
It is cleansing.
Combat fluid retention.
Increases caloric expenditure, so that our body reduced the level of calories significantly.
It gives feeling of satiety and thanks to this will avoid eating at all times.

2- How can I eat the bitter orange?

One of the most common forms of the benefits of the Orange bitter to lose weight, is through the preparation of tea.


4 sour oranges cut into halves.
1 litre of water

What should you do?

Please enter in a pot the liter of water and 4 bitter oranges cut into halves (with shell). Put to fire and boil for 10 minutes. Once pass this time, strain and drink the water several times a day, preferably during the three main meals.

Lose weight with bitter orange

Other uses...

The bitter orange is also used as a condiment, as well as in the preparation of jams and liqueurs. While its consumption may vary, continues to be of great benefit to health, although in the case of their benefit to lose weight, the most recommended is the infusion.

3- Is it possible to lose weight only with bitter orange?

Like many other products and plants for slimming, bitter orange alone should be used as a supplement to help enhance the slimming effects in the body. This fruit can help you to burn fat through the activation of the metabolism, elimination of retained liquids and better digestion. But to make it work with favorable results, it is important to take a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and foods with fiber. Also avoid the consumption of junk food and daily physical activity should be increased.

4- Side effects of bitter orange:

The consumption of bitter orange must be moderate, since its stimulants can increase blood pressure or increase the heart rate. It is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular problems; their consumption is not recommended if medications of any kind, are eating since it can have negative reactions in the body.
The increase in blood pressure that may result in the consumption of Orange bitter, may cause other health problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, fainting, and even has come to be associated with sudden death or heart attack. It is recommended to make a consultation with a specialist, before deciding to lose weight with bitter orange.

Lose weight with bitter orange

5- Where do you get bitter orange?

Bitter slimming Orange fame have turned it into a product that can be found more frequently in the market, be it fruit, in essence or in capsules. In some places you can find it dry and ready to BREW tea. If you decide to buy the full fruit, keep in mind that its bark is where most properties are to lose weight and is therefore the most recommended an infusion. In supermarkets, it is not so common to find this product, although now many places thus offer it. If you are interested in purchasing it, surely in a health food store or herbal, you'll find it more easily.
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