Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

At any time of the year it is very healthy to take the Sun daily, always avoiding the hours of maximum radiation, mainly for health reasons, but also to have a good look.
In this article you will learn the food you should consume often to protect your skin from the inside and get a Tan, nice and healthy, as well as some remedies that will help you also to take care of you from outside of the most natural way.

Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

1- Beta carotene every day:

Many times we have heard that eating carrots is good to have a nice tan, and that is precisely because of its content of beta carotene, which function as a cream sun protection but from the inside, protecting our skin from UV rays and favoring a beautiful color of our skin.
We found beta carotene in fruits and vegetables yellow, Orange and red, for example:

Carrots: the carrot with Apple smoothie is a delicious proposal to start the day
Pumpkin: baked or cream allows us to complete a lunch or dinner
Sweet potatoes: similar to the potato, we recommend cooking it in the same way. in tortilla, fried or baked.
Peach: both natural and syrup you can resolve a snack
Apricot: Dried apricots are a solution to eat anytime, anywhere
Cherry: we include cherries, in addition to eating them natural, in cakes and biscuits
Tomato: If the tomato is good we don't produce it in a complicated way. Seasoned with oregano, olive oil and sea salt is a very healthy accompaniment. The tomato sauce is also very nutritious when it contains no preservatives or additives.

2- Antioxidants to prevent aging:

The Sun is very healthy, but in the long run, if we do it properly, we can notice how our skin ages faster, appear spots, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, we recommend to hydrate and antioxidarla from within, so that despite the passage of time held firm and nourished. Some of the most antioxidant foods are as follows:
Grapes, including seeds
Granada, to be drunk alone or to give an original touch to salads or other dishes
Avocado: this delicious fruit is highly rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant
Spirulina: this alga is a super food that we can take every day as a supplement to raise our defences and prevent anti-aging
Fruits such as blueberries or blackberries

Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

3- Massage with sesame oil:

Sesame oil, widely used in natural medicine of the India, not only is very nutritious and helps us to care for our skin but that also protects part of the Sun's rays, so it is an oil ideal for massaging your skin regularly. In addition, it is a very beneficial oil for massage.

4- Cold showers:

To tone our skin and relieve it of excess heat that can cause the Sun, a simple remedy is the shower with cold water, or at least always end the shower with cold water. We will notice our firm and rejuvenated skin, and in the long run it will help us to enhance our own defense against solar rays.

5- Exfoliation before the Sun:

For the Tan to be uniform and pretty also should exfoliate weekly our skin, always before the Sun, in order to eliminate dead cells that impede a good color to our skin. For this purpose we can use sea salt and massage us skin in the shower, making circles, and by rinsing with water or warm then cold.
After the Peel always we drink plenty of fluids our skin with sesame oil, moisturizing creams the same sunscreen.

Food and medicines for a perfect Tan

6- Aloe vera for redness:

Sometimes we can overdo our exposure to the Sun, and it is therefore important that as soon as we can we give to our skin hydration which has lost. Aloe vera is ideal for this purpose, a plant that we can be applied directly or in gel, calm and nutria our skin, healing also possible redness.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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