Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to make French fries healthy and light

Who don't like French fries? And yet, according to how they have been cooked can be very harmful to our health. Unfortunately they are usually prepared with poor quality oils that have been used and reused many times, and always at high temperatures.
However we don't have why to renounce them. In this article you will learn how can prepare them at home in three different ways to be a healthier recipe to eat from time to time, as well as the harmful effects that these potatoes when not be cooked in a healthy way.

How to make French fries healthy and light

1- French fries that we sell:

For potato chips more healthful step it is ourselves, prepare them at home since it is the only way to guarantee its quality. This will allow us to eat them regularly accompanying other dishes, while if we eat them out we should try to avoid them as soon as possible.
Potato chips that serve us in any place are harmful for the following reasons:
They are made with poor quality oils (called from transgenic soya, edible oils and other oils of vegetable origin) that transform into trans fats to be cooked at high temperatures, so that cause toxicity to our body. In addition, they tend to be used many times.
They have a very high fat content, because they are fried in plenty of oil
The potato is actually a mixture of mashed potatoes with other unhealthy ingredients
They contain a lot of refined salt
All these features contribute to worsen our health:
Increasing levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
They contribute to overweight and cellulite
They overload the liver and kidneys
They worsen high blood pressure and fluid retention
They cause heartburn, which is the origin of diseases

2- Basic steps of some good French fries:

To develop a healthy and delicious French fries should always follow these initial steps:

Get quality potatoes, preferably to be ecological, not have outbreaks.
Use first cold press olive oil
Season with sea salt fine without abusing
Using free Teflon, like ceramic, glass, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

3- French fries less acidic:

A culinary gimmick that comes to us from the East, to remove much of acidity that procure food to fry, consists in adding to oil, while fried potatoes, a couple of umeboshi plums, which are a unique medicinal food with many properties. These prunes absorb part of toxicity without altering the taste. We have to not eat the plums that have been fried, although Yes we eat one meal, to counteract the harmful effects.

How to make French fries healthy and light

4- Fried but baked potatoes:

Cut the potatoes into strips, in the same way as when we fry them, and put them on a baking tray. Before baking make sure you paint them well with olive oil so good crispy. In this way we will get some baked potatoes that will be almost identical to the chips, but with much less oil.

5- Cooked and fried potatoes:

Another way that potatoes do not absorb so much oil is to boil them first 10 minutes, already cut into strips, so they lose the hardness. Then let them drain well so do not skip the oil and fry them until they acquire the usual consistency.

6- Nutritional suggestions:

The potato is a starch, by what we recommend, for a better digestion, always combine it with some vegetable (vegetable, salad, fruit) and some protein (meat, fish, egg, vegetable). In addition, if we make this combination, the effects of its consumption will be much more beneficial for our body. On the other hand, we do not recommend combining them with other starches or flours, like sandwiches, pizza, pasta, etc., since that would make difficult digestion, would overload our bodies and help create us unwanted fat deposits.

How to make French fries healthy and light

7- Have you tried the fried Apple?

Finally, you make another still healthier suggestion that will amaze the whole family. For them you have to cut apples into strips, as if they were potatoes, and fry them in the same way, also adding the salt. Its sweet taste and refreshing texture make this recipe in a very original snack.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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