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How to prepare three healthy and delicious ice creams

Who don't like ice cream? And however, we all know that they are not a healthy food, largely by the amount of sugars, fats and preservatives that are. But there are ways to make ice cream at home, and also fairly simple, in order to enjoy them sometimes knowing what we eat.
In this article, we share some recipes simple and delicious and much healthier than the ice we can buy or take, so you can enjoy them without guilt: banana ice cream and chocolate, avocado ice cream and strawberries and cream ice cream.

How to prepare three healthy and delicious ice creams

1- Is it bad to eat ice cream?

Ice cream does not have to be a harmful food for our health, but the reality is that the ice cream we buy already prepared contain:

Too much fat, especially saturated, which is the most harmful (heart disease, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.)
Too much white sugar, which demineralizes and acidifies our body
Preservatives and dyes.

2- How do we make ice cream healthier?

If we ignore ingredients that we just mentioned and we replace them with others who are equally delicious but healthy, we can find the way that ice cream is a nutritive and energy food.
Ice cream must contain fat to make it creamy, and therefore we will use healthy fats like cream or creamy yogurt
White sugar can be replaced with brown sugar, honey of bee, cane molasses, agave siropre or concentrated Apple
Will also add you other healthy ingredients: fruits, bitter cocoa, cinnamon, natural vanilla, ginger, etc.

How to prepare three healthy and delicious ice creams

3- Banana ice cream and hot chocolate:

The banana has a creamy texture, so it is the ideal ingredient to prepare an ice cream without having to add any milk product. How do we do it?
We Peel and cut the banana into small pieces
We put the pieces in a bag and freezer
After a few hours remove the already frozen chunks and batiremos them until obtaining a creamy texture
We can add a little cinnamon or vanilla extract
Thanks to the natural sweetness of the plantain this ice cream will not need anything else. Very simple and sanisimo.
To serve this ice cream we can surprise preparing a healthy but hot chocolate sauce, simply by mixing pure cocoa powder, lemon juice or water and a natural sweetener. Serve it with ice cream just before eating it, to keep it hot at that time.

4- Avocado Ice cream:

The avocado is also itself a fruit rich in healthy fats, so it can also be the basis for a simple and delicious ice cream. We will need to be well mature.
We beat the avocado with cream, a bit of lemon juice and a natural sweetener, such as for example the agave syrup.
When we already see its creamy texture we will keep it in a container and put in the freezer.
So the texture is ideal we recommend removing it from the freezer when they have passed one, two and three hours, and each of those times beat the ice cream to break the ice crystals that have formed.
This ice cream may be much surprised as it dessert or also if we serve them to accompany a main course of meat.

How to prepare three healthy and delicious ice creams

5- Strawberries and cream ice cream:

This ice cream is delicious and much healthier than it may seem.
We will need well ripe strawberries that we put in the freezer, in the same way as with banana ice cream recipe.
When it is frozen cut Scarlet prawns them and beat them with a little honey, until it attains a good creamy texture.
We will then put it in the freezer container, and add a can of cream from milk or cream without mounting, which mix just a little with the strawberry cream, so they are not completely combined, later to serve which give an irresistible ice cream look. We can sweeten the cream previously if we want it.
We recommend to decorate this ice cream with chunks of fresh strawberry or with a little Strawberry Jam.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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