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Medicinal plants to combat fatty liver

Fatty liver. As the experts tell us it's a very common reality among the population. The accumulation of fat in the liver is undoubtedly the most common chronic liver disease in the Western world and that we have to take into account. That is why from our space we want to show you how herbs can help you to alleviate its effects.
We must bear in mind that taking care of our nutrition, making a good proper selection of food and suitable accessories, can help us to recover our liver cells so that the effect is reversed. Nutrition advice to combat fatty liver are essential: a diet without sugar, no fat, no alcohol and fiber will help us a lot. Also if you include the following teas that we are going to detail.

Medicinal plants to combat fatty liver

1- Plants that help combat fatty liver:

We know it, the liver acts as an authentic and sophisticated laboratory chemical, essential to cleanse and detoxify your body. In addition, it synthesizes fat, iron, vitamins, produces bile and primarily filters out all sorts of toxic our blood. But when there is an accumulation of fat in it, many of these functions are carried out with the same efficiency. These herbs can help you.


It is an excellent mediator for digestion and to solve many types of digestive disorders. The dandelion has been used since antiquity as a facilitator of the secretion of bile, as well as to mediate the function of lazy livers. It is thus ideal where you suffer from fatty liver. To prepare it, you must get in a natural store or a herbal flowers. They are easy to find. Just a teaspoon of your flowers for a Cup. You don't have rather than take it to boil a cup of water and let sit 5 minutes. Take it after your main meals.


Surely you've heard the benefits of milk thistle. It is undoubtedly the medicinal plant more appropriate to treat fatty liver disease. Why? you might wonder. Thistle has an element called Silymarin, is an excellent hepatoprotector that not only helps protect liver cells, but regenerates them and detoxify them. I.e., combat all harmful element, as in the case of fat, rising as one of the best substances hepatotoixcas that exist.
You can find the infusions of thistle in your Herbalism, as well as in the section of your supermarket infusions. Sold very regularly and you should have no problems in giving him. To prepare your infusion you must put a teaspoon of the seeds in a cup of boiling water. It allows to reach boiling, then let it rest for 5 minutes. Then filters the content and drink it two times a day, after your main meals.


It may not be as well known. But this plant is very suited for example to alleviate the effects of fatty liver disease: reduces nausea, headache, improves digestion, prevents us to have gallstones, and little by little it will heal our liver. Make your infusion need a tablespoon of their dry plants, with this you will have enough for one cup. You can take it whenever you feel badly.


Boldo has properties that the artichoke. It is a wonderful protector of the liver and gallbladder. It helps us to digest, to remove gallstones, protect our liver and detoxify it. You can also find boldo also in any herbal leaves, as well as the ready infusion in bags in a specialized trade. You can take it twice a day after meals.

Melissa and Agrimonnia:

Melissa infusion is without doubt a good remedy to facilitate our digestion, lower inflammation and relax. But if we combine it with agrimonnia properties of both medicinal plants will serve as support to solve our fatty liver. They act as excellent purifying, detoxifying and protective of the liver. You have to try this delicious and successful combination.
To get an infusion you will need twenty grams of liverwort and a teaspoon of melissa. We must warn you that the taste of the agrimonnia is a little bitter, so you can accompany it with a teaspoon of honey, or simply take a little taste for your own benefit. You can take it twice a day.

Medicinal plants to combat fatty liver

Infusion of fennel and Jack's foot:

Sure that you have ever tried the fennel. It is a great digestive. But it is possible that you have not heard plant named "Shoe". It is that you see on the picture, and stands as an excellent ally to fight against fatty liver. Combined with the fennel, it acts as a great protector of our biliary system, protecting the liver and regenerating it. You must take advantage of it, so, please search for "shoe" in the health food shops. Only the flowers, which are a pinkish shade is used. They can sell them dry, then when you get the fennel, you can prepare the infusion in the usual way. Let that they simmer ten minutes both plants, allow to rest and then filters the content. You can take it also twice a day after your main meals.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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