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Light dinners to lose weight without starving

If we want to lose weight without starving and without great sacrifices we must pay close attention to the dinner, since it is the meal of the day that more we can fatten if we eat too much and instead that more can help us lose weight easily.
This way we share with you some simple and light dinner proposals to lie without starving and go lose weight gradually.

Light dinners to lose weight without starving

1- Do dinner fattening?

We must bear in mind that what we eat at night, especially if it's late, we will not exercise before going to bed, will not burn and possibly will happen to be part of our energy reserves. These reserves, if they are excessive, become fat build-ups, especially if food we consumed were not adequate. That is why it is suitable to prepare proper dinners, which leave us satisfied but that can digest easily.

2- The importance of time:

As important as what you eat will be the time that we choose to dine. In some European countries it dinner early, before 6 o'clock, and later takes something very light, unlike other countries that afternoon is lunch and no dinner until 9 or 10 o'clock. Ideally, dinner before 8 o'clock, so give us time to digest it properly. If we go to bed late and again always are hungry we can eat a fruit or an infusion.

3- The balance of the dinner:

A light supper doesn't mean eating lettuce with tomato. Although we want to lose weight, if you want to lose weight we evenly, dinner must contain carbohydrates (vegetables, fruit and cereal) and protein, so these recipes contain the exact amount we need.

4- Vegetable creams:

Vegetable creams are very digestive, satiety, and easy to prepare, as well as being nutritious. We can go by varying the vegetables we use depending on the season, and find different combinations to make them more original:

Pumpkin and cinnamon
Courgette, garlic and oat
Leeks, onion and pepper
Carrot and ginger
In addition, we can add a little legume, so they have a part of protein, and foods that will make them healthier still:

Brewer's yeast: gives you a delicious roasted flavor
Wheat germ: is a very nutritious supplement
Algae: they help to re-mineralize the body
Flax oil: provides us essential fatty acids

Light dinners to lose weight without starving

5- Gazpacho:

Traditional gazpacho and Vegetable Smoothie is ideal for unzips, and very healthy because it gives us a lot of raw vegetables.
we will liquefy or will beat well the following ingredients:

Red pepper
Olive oil
Sea salt
If we choose to dine gazpacho we will also eat some protein as a handful of nuts, a piece of white fish, fresh cheese, etc.

6- Apple and Pear Compote:

If one day we don't have so much hunger or have exceeded ourselves with food we can opt for a sweet dinner. We will prepare a Compote of Apple and pear, we can make cooking them with a little water or to the oven. We will add cinnamon powder, a little honey and a nuts.

7- Vegetables with mushrooms:

Vegetables contain lots of fiber and has relaxing effects on our body, as well as many other benefits, and is digested very easily, so it is ideal for the dinner hour. We opt for the more we like it: artichokes, green beans, chard, spinach, etc. To add the protein you can opt for the peas, which are really a legume, and also mushrooms, also rich in protein, and that will give you a delicious flavor if you Sauté all together in skillet with garlic, parsley and a little smoked paprika.

Light dinners to lose weight without starving

8- Onion and egg soup:

Finally, a recipe traditional and very therapeutic, for those moments in which we began to feel cold or cold days.
We fry an onion and when it is squishy we add broth (homemade or precooked), garlic chop, thyme, turmeric, a little spicy (pepper, Cayenne, etc.) and, at the last moment, a raw egg. We stir well and in two minutes the soup is ready. We can accompany it with a slice of toasted bread.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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