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Medicinal herbs to treat anemia

Anemia is a problem that affects many people today, especially to us, women. An unhealthy eating, abundant menstruations, a liver problem... the causes may be multiple, but there are many remedies that can improve our State at the same time. Plants, can rise up as a perfect allies for help. Want to know what teas are suitable for your anemia?

Medicinal herbs to treat anemia

1- What herbs can help me in my anemia?

Nature, wise as always, puts at our disposal a wide choice of resources that can treat our low levels of iron in the blood. You know that you need to start improving your diet, including legumes, vegetables as spinach, nuts like Almonds and whole grains such as oats.
The most common is also your doctor to supplement your diet with capsules of iron and vitamins such as vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and K, minerals and enzymes. We, for our part, as well as encourage you to follow the advice of your physician and to increase the iron in your diet-rich products, we suggest that you take the following infusions daily. Choose those that you are nice and easy to get, taking them in your breakfast and after your main meal. Thus you'll encounter improvements gradually. Take note!

1. Infusion of nettle:

Without a doubt the most recommended. In your usual health food shops you can also find these plants ready for infusions, as well as capsules. You can take up to 3 cups a day, since thanks to its stimulatory properties of red blood cell production, nettle stands as an excellent ally to treat anemia. You don't have to put a cup of water to a boil and add a teaspoon full of nettles. Leave to stand for three minutes and strain, then enjoy its unique taste that as well is going to sit.

Medicinal herbs to treat anemia

2. Infusion of dandelion:

Well known also for raising the level of iron in blood. A remedy used since ancient times to improve the mood of convalescent persons, open them the appetite and raise the production of this mineral in the body. Don't hesitate to take two cups a day of dandelion, this ideal that you put a teaspoon full of tooth lion in a cup of boiling gua. Let stand for 5 minutes and drink slowly. No hurry, enjoying your infusion.

3. Infusion of alfalfa:

Surprised? Sure that no, Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), available in an area of its plant a large concentration of iron. Right in its highest and aerial parts. It allows us to better synthesize haemoglobin raising not only the production of red blood cells, but that is also very rich in vitamin B12. But how do we prepare it? Very easy, in decoction. You can get alfalfa ready for tea in natural stores. You won't have to put two tablespoons of this part of the plant in a cup of water to a boil. When you take about 15 or 20 minutes, let stand 5. Then you strain the contents and add if you want a little bit of honey. Ideal if you take it twice a day: in your breakfast and after your main meal. You'll love it and will help you to treat your anemia.

4. Horsetail infusion:

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), is a plant that is used for many dimensions of health. Beginning with those who want to lose weight, passing by those wishing to lower uric acid, rheumatism, arthritis, cistititis... is perfect for recovering from fatigue, acts as revitalizing and how not, raises the level of iron in our body. And it is that it has a high content in minerals, such as iron and Silicon. Remember that the decoction of the ponytail should be slightly longer all its minerals to obtain. When you get this plant in your natural store - not it will be difficult because it is well known - lets be in boiling water at least half an hour. In this way we ensure all the benefits of the plant. Don't try it, you'll see that it suits you well.

Medicinal herbs to treat anemia

5. Sage infusion:

Easy to get, you feel very well since he has digestive properties, relieves headache and is highly recommended to take it for example to media later. If to this we add that promotes the formation of blood cells, does this infusion a remedy that can not miss in your day to day to treat your anemia. Boiling a bag along with a cup of water, let sit five minutes and sweeten it if desired with a little honey. Do you think it is easy? You go perfectly. Enjoy it.
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