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Lemonade ginger, cucumber and Mint for a flat belly

Get a flat belly is an aspiration that many have. Sometimes it is not only that slightly stored in the belly fat accumulation, most of the time is also due to the typical abdominal swelling, that fluid retention that offers us the annoying image that "we have gained". With this simple drink with ginger, lemon, mint and cucumber, can reduce such effects easily. explain it you!

Lemonade ginger, cucumber and Mint for a flat belly

1- Lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber for a flat belly:

Sometimes, we notice how the abdomen us bulking, lose muscle tone and appears some sagging. No matter even that you're thin, bloating and that michelin is there and we don't know what to do to make our gut look more smooth and deflated. We have to take into account that this type of fat accumulated in this area is normal in women, they are fatty deposits in very resistant cases even up to exercise.
Sure that sometime there will be happened to you also the following: see your smooth belly in the morning and go increase in size throughout the day, becoming even more relaxed after meals. Why does it occur? Most of the time is due not only to sedentary, also our food is basic in this aspect. There are foods that promote bloating, beverages such as soft drinks and even lettuces or legumes can favor it.
The lemonade that we present below can help us daily not only deflate belly, also to go down in weight this area almost always so critical abdomen. We explain why:

1. The lemon:

This acidic fruit has Ascorbic acid that promotes correct digestion, helps food to be more easily undone and properly absorbed nutrients. Also pepsin component helps us to better benefit from proteins burn fats, i.e. thanks to the acid of the lemon our digestion is more suitable, it offers a feeling of fullness, we avoid gas and burning fat. A metabolic stimulant ideal for any diet,

Lemonade ginger, cucumber and Mint for a flat belly

2. Ginger:

Lose weight with ginger? Yes, it is possible. It is a great anti-inflammatory and has a wonderful ingredient called gingerol. This compound activates the functioning of the intestines and stomach, helping digestion, curing, preventing gas, inflammation and favoring the Elimination of fat. If we combine it with other elements such as here presented, we will obtain one remedy more than ideal to get a flat belly.

3. Mint:

Few natural herbs are so beneficial to our digestion than Mint. Removes gases, it prevents the acidity of stomach, helps us to absorb nutrients, is anti-inflammatory, soothes, relieves nausea. It is simply magnificent, either as an infusion or as a complement to our meals or desserts.

4. Cucumber:

Soft, lightweight, digestive and a large inflammation. It is usual for example use it to calm our eyes, to nourish skin... because then you can imagine the great service that you can offer to your organization. We must also remember that the cucumber is a great diuretic, facilitates the Elimination of liquids and trafficking is suitable to treat infections such as cystitis and nephritis, illnesses that also tend to inflate our belly. Do not hesitate, it is an excellent ally.

2- How to prepare ginger, cucumber and Mint lemonade:

Lemonade ginger, cucumber and Mint for a flat belly

What do I need to make my lemonade?

2 liters of water
1 lemon
1 medium cucumber
2 tablespoons grated ginger
10 mint leaves

How do I prepare it?

It is very simple. You see, the first thing we do is the infusion of Mint. We put ten mint leaves to boil a cup of water. We let them come to boiling and sit five minutes. Once made, we reserve it.
Now let's get the juice of the lemon. Squeeze it and then get three scratches from the bark of lemon, later we will also in our lemonade.
Well, the third step is to peel the cucumber and liquefy it. Retrieved once we put it together with the lemon juice and Mint infusion.
What we do now? Pick up liter and a half of natural water and pour in it that vessel with the infusion of mint, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Mix everything and cast also scratches of two teaspoons of ginger, three scratches of lemon and, if wish you, one sprig of Mint.
We leave this lemonade at rest about two hours in the refrigerator. There are who prefers to leave it overnight, i.e. make it from one day to another, but the active principles of the lemon will be most effective in the same day.

How can I take my ginger, mint and cucumber lemonade?

This lemonade is two liters, it will therefore serve as an excellent tonic you take throughout the day. The key moments will be after every meal: After breakfast, after lunch, and after your meal. But the ideal is to take it throughout the day.
Tell you also that fresh is delicious, and if we accompany it with a proper diet low in fats and with some exercise, we shall gradually achieve that flat belly. Encourage you to try the lemonade!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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