Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7 Foods that fight fat

Remove the fat from our body can be a complicated task. However, there are some foods that help us to eliminate it quickly because they speed up our metabolism and improve our health in general. It is for this reason that here are 7 foods that fight fat.

7 Foods that fight fat

1- Green leaves:

All those vegetables that have Greens, such as spinach or Swiss chard, are very good for our health and, in particular, to burn fat from the body more quickly and effectively. These products are an important source of fiber and nutrients that our body needs to work better. They are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants that prevent diseases such as cancer, cataracts, heart attacks and memory problems.
A recommendation in this regard is to eat those vegetables that are fresh and tender leaves that have a dark green color and are not wilted or yellowish. To store them enough to place them in a plastic bag in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Moreover, the best way is to consume these products at not later than five days after you have purchased.

2- Legumes:

Legumes are another of the foods that help burn fat. Indeed, they are the type of food containing more fiber in its interior. One of its major benefits is that they help to control blood sugar levels. They are also an excellent source of potassium and important minerals that prevent dehydration and the risk of high blood pressure (better known as hypertension), as well as infarcts.
Legumes have been, throughout history, one of the most important foods for the human being. That is why today we have a wide variety of products of this type, which can be cooked in many different ways. In this regard we must mention beans, beans, lentils, beans, chickpeas, beans and soy.

7 Foods that fight fat

3- Garlic and onion:

Garlic and onion contain phytochemicals that destroy fat deposits that are housed in our body. In case outside little, also diminish our cholesterol levels, some viruses, bacteria and fungi, in addition to prevent the appearance of certain cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. Therefore, newspaper of this kind of food consumption is helpful for burning fat.

4- Chile:

Chile is a food that brings many benefits to our body. Although not liked by all people, moderate consumption of this product helps us burn fat quickly because it speeds up our metabolism, in addition to maintaining optimal levels of blood sugar. Likewise, chile is a very effective natural antiseptic because it contains high levels of vitamin C.

5- Turmeric:

Turmeric is a tuber of tropical origin, very similar to the sweet potato and cassava which has a slightly spicy flavour and that tends to be widely used in the cuisine of the India. This product is famous for its high content of beta-carotene, antioxidants that slow down the process of aging caused by free radicals. In addition, turmeric is of great help to destroy our body fat deposits, speeding up our metabolism.

6- Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is another common food that has interesting properties for our health. Recent research in the United States claim that eating a little cinnamon with our food helps metabolize twenty times better the sugar in the blood of our body in comparison with food that is not seasoned with this product. Remember that the excess sugar in the blood is a risk factor which considerably increases the fat. It is best to take a cinnamon tea every day.

7 Foods that fight fat

7- Lemon:

Finally, the lemon is a fruit that helps to burn body fat. This is because lemon is considered a very effective thermogenic. This means that consume this citrus in hot water accelerates the process of burning fat in our body. Therefore, the recommendation is to drink lemon tea on an empty stomach in the morning. As we know, the lemon also contains high amounts of vitamin C, which is good to prevent respiratory illnesses.
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